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Early Georgia Marriage Records, 'A' Surnames

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This database contains marriage records from Bulloch County, Camden County, Chatham County, Clarke County, Columbia County, Effingham County, Greene County, Liberty County, Oglethorpe County, Richmond County, Warren County, and Wilkes County, Georgia.

Groom Index: A  Ba-Be  Bi-Bo  Br-By  Ca-Coc  Col-Cur  D  E  F  Ga-Go  Gr-Gu  Ha-He

Groom Surname Groom First-Name Bride Surname Bride First-Name Date County
Adair Robert Reid Babsy 28 Aug 1800 Greene
Aephers Richard Brady Nancy 24 Aug 1770 Effingham
Akins James Ivey Nancy 17 Mar 1800 Greene
Aldridge Abner House Rebeckah 20 Mar 1798 Oglethorpe
Aldridge Reuben Liverman Sarah 15 Sep 1795 Columbia
Alford Lodowick Jackson Judith 16 May 1789 Greene
Allen Charles Bradshaw Jenny 27 Dec 1798 Oglethorpe
Allen James Magahee Jincey 16 Jun 1792 Columbia
Allen Pope Hardy Phoebe 2 Sep 1799 Wilkes
Allen Robert Anderson Elizabeth 15 Jun 1798 Richmond
Allen Stephen Bullock Elizabeth 22 Mar 1800 Wilkes
Alexander John Godfrey Hannah 27 Mar 1764 Liberty
Anderson Alexander Thornton Winiford 1 Dec 1798 Oglethorpe
Anderson Bazor Houghton Sarah 15 Dec 1788 Greene
Anderson David McClenning Mary 20 Feb 1775 Liberty
Anderson James Moseley Eleanor 22 Feb 1798 Columbia
Anderson J. E. Davis Sarah 4 Feb 1792 Columbia
Anderson John Deering Margaret 31 Mar 1796 Wilkes
Anderson Nathan Nelson Sarah 26 Dec 1794 Wilkes
Andrew Benjamin Philbin Mary 28 Sep 1762 Liberty
Andrew John Andrew Manse 29 Apr 1785 Liberty
Andrews Micajah Quarterman Ann 31 May 1797 Liberty
Axson Samuel Girardeau Mary Ann Apr 1795 Liberty
Anglin Elijah Wheeler Susannah 19 Nov 1800 Warren
Ansley Abel Morris Lydia 30 Jan 1790 Richmond
Appling John Naylor Eleanor 21 Sep 1797 Columbia
Appling William Dorsett Patsy 10 Mar 1794 Columbia
Armour John Caldwell Nancy 18 Nov 1788 Greene
Arnett Daniel Montgomery Sally 14 Nov 1799 Wilkes
Arnold Stephen Arnold Susannah 14 Feb 1795 Oglethorpe
Atkins David Brown Betty 27 Dec 1796 Warren
Atkinson John Moreland Sally 18 Mar 1800 Greene
Austin John Crittenden Fanny 2 Aug 1788 Richmond
Austin Joseph Hinson Sarah Ann  15 Oct 1795 Liberty
Avent Henry Vining Sarah 8 Jul 1798 Warren
Axley John Groover Elizabeth 22 Feb 1794 Effingham
Axson Samuel J. Girardeau Mary Ann Apr 1795 Liberty
Ayres John Wiley Mary 10 Mar 1793 Columbia
Ayres William Jones Margaret 12 May 1787 Richmond

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