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1754-1800 Georgia Marriage Records
Groom Index, 'Ca-Co' Surnames

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This database contains marriage records from Bulloch County, Camden County, Chatham County, Clarke County, Columbia County, Effingham County, Greene County, Liberty County, Oglethorpe County, Richmond County, Warren County, and Wilkes County, Georgia.

Groom Index: A  Ba-Be  Bi-Bo  Br-By  Ca-Coc  Col-Cur  D  E  F  Ga-Go  Gr-Gu  Ha-He

First Name
First Name
Cain John Fulton Catherine 24 Jul 1796 Columbia
Calder John Horton Phoebe 17 Dec 1787 Liberty
Caldwell James Underwood Sarah 17 Jul 1797 Columbia
Callaway David Tillery Judith 24 Dec 1800 Oglethorpe
Callaway Isaac Ragan Winifred 29 Nov 1796 Oglethorpe
Callaway John Milner Mary 4 Jun 1796 Oglethorpe
Callaway Joshua Smith Sally 9 Jan 1793 Wilkes
Campbell Thomas Cox Sarah 29 Dec 1770 Effingham
Cantey Mathew Ford Liddia 11 Dec 1793 Effingham
Cantler Barnett Gola Elizabeth 22 Nov 1791 Columbia
Cargile John Babb Tabitha 14 Apr 1800 Greene
Carr Thomas Bacon Francis 11 Nov 1787 Richmond
Carrington Daniel Callaway Nancy 6 Aug 1799 Wilkes
Carrel John Gatlin Nancy 19 Sep 1800 Greene
Carrell John Prather Nancy 4 Jun 1792 Richmond
Carrol Benjamin Robertson Elizabeth 28 Feb 1796 Oglethorpe
Carroll John Prather Ann 4 Jun 1792 Columbia
Carson William Mcleod Sarah 3 Aug 1793 Richmond
Carter Joseph Wynn Frances 21 Dec 1794 Warren
Cartwright John Hay Martha 23 Jun 1800 Greene
Cary Thomas Ellis Elizabeth 26 Mar 1795 Warren
Cassels Elias Jones Sarah 10 Dec 1789 Liberty
Catchings Benjamin Martin Nancy 24 May 1795 Wilkes
Chambless William Cliatt Elizabeth 24 Nov 1797 Columbia
Chambliss Thomas Aldridge Sarah 6 May 1788 Richmond
Chance Isaac Grubbs Hannah 6 Aug 1791 Richmond
Chapman Laban Richardson Hannah 30 Aug 1800 Warren
Chastain James Morgan Sarah 28 Oct 1795 Warren
Childress John Goolsby Sally 19 Mar 1796 Oglethorpe
Chisolm George Frazier Penelope 29 Sep 1795 Columbia
Clark Arthur Hall Agnes 18 Jul 1799 Greene
Clark Gilbert Avery Milly 26 Jan 1780 Richmond
Clark William Wood Anne 14 Jul 1798 Richmond
Clay Samuel Clay Tabitha 20 Aug 1798 Oglethorpe
Clayton Charles Germany Mary 22 Jun 1797 Columbia
Clement John Robertson Jane 22 Jun 1792 Warren
Clemmons John Wilson Anne 1 Nov 1798 Richmond
Cliett Jesse Harvey Rhoda 6 Mar 1790 Richmond
Cliett Jonathan Chambless Mary 21 Feb 1793 Columbia
Clift William Hendon Karen 19 Oct 1799 Oglethorpe
Clifton Daniel Warren Siney 26 Mar 1792 Effingham
Clower Jacob Darden Sally 7 Dec 1800 Warren
Cobb Daniel Eades Charlotte 7 Sep 1800 Columbia
Cobb Thomas Stith Catherine 7 Jun 1790 Richmond
Cochran Samuel Scogin Rhoda 2 Oct 1797 Oglethorpe
Cochran William Owen Betsey 22 Dec 1798 Oglethorpe
Cook Thomas Peavy Susanna 1 Nov 1795 Warren

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