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1754-1800 Georgia Marriage Records
Groom Index, 'E' Surnames

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This database contains marriage records from Bulloch County, Camden County, Chatham County, Clarke County, Columbia County, Effingham County, Greene County, Liberty County, Oglethorpe County, Richmond County, Warren County, and Wilkes County, Georgia.

Groom Index: A  Ba-Be  Bi-Bo  Br-By  Ca-Coc  Col-Cur  D  E  F  Ga-Go  Gr-Gu  Ha-He

First Name
First Name
Eads John Fee Jane 30 Nov 1797 Richmond
Eastwood Elijah Brown Mary Ann 2 May 1797 Columbia
Ebinger Leonhardt Pollinger Magdalena 25 Jun 1765 Effingham
Echols James Rutledge Sally 15 Jun 1799 Oglethorpe
Echols Robert Davis Beth 18 Mar 1800 Wilkes
Eckart Conrad Hulber Anna Mary 4 Jan 1757 Effingham
Ector James Perryman Martha 9 Nov 1797 Warren
Edge James Ervin Elizabeth 25 Dec 1799 Wilkes
Edmondson Thomas Spires Patience 28 Feb 1791 Columbia
Eley Jesse Shackleford Nancy 28 Dec 1797 Oglethorpe
Elkins Reuben Davis Elizabeth 23 Jan 1797 Richmond
Ellis Charles Cobb Elizabeth 7 Feb 1798 Columbia
Ellis Elijah Gale Phoebe 3 Mar 1797 Columbia
Ellis John Johnston Sarah 5 Nov 1793 Columbia
Ellis Solomon Sinquefield Mary 9 Dec 1795 Columbia
Ellis William Echols Patsy 3 Dec 1795 Oglethorpe
Elsberry Joseph Smith Ann 9 Feb 1797 Oglethorpe
Embry John Harrison Eliza 12 Dec 1797 Columbia
Ernst Gottlieb Fields Catherine 18 Sep 1798 Effingham
Evans William Bolton Sara 23 Aug 1759 Chatham
Evans Thomas Morton Elizabeth 10 Feb 1795 Columbia
Evers Joshua Carter Jane 1 Oct 1797 Bulloch
Exley John Gress Elizabeth 16 Dec 1766 Effingham

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