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1754-1800 Georgia Marriage Records
Groom Index, 'Ga-Go' Surnames

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This database contains marriage records from Bulloch County, Camden County, Chatham County, Clarke County, Columbia County, Effingham County, Greene County, Liberty County, Oglethorpe County, Richmond County, Warren County, and Wilkes County, Georgia.

Groom Index: A  Ba-Be  Bi-Bo  Br-By  Ca-Coc  Col-Cur  D  E  F  Ga-Go  Gr-Gu  Ha-He

First Name
First Name
Gachet Charles Gobert Mary 9 Feb 1795 Effingham
Gann Samuel Hambrion Mary 24 Apr 1788 Greene
Gantt Richard Allen Sarah 22 May 1794 Richmond
Gardner Alexander Pratt Elizabeth 4 Jun 1785 Richmond
Gardner James Hodgkin Sarah 5 Sep 1793 Richmond
Gardner Jason Stuckey Sarah 12 Jul 1791 Columbia
Gardner Lewis Carmichael Mary 7 Jun 1792 Columbia
Gardner William Davis Volinder 18 Nov 1795 Columbia
Garnet John Bostwick Mary 30 Jul 1794 Effingham
Garnet Thomas Wilson Rachel 8 Jan 1772 Effingham
Garrett Jesse Tatum Polly 15 Dec 1797 Oglethorpe
Garrison James Dykes Martha 4 Jul 1799 Effingham
Gaskin Fisher Lacey Mary 11 Jan 1800 Warren
Gaston Matthew Harden Rebecca 13 Dec 1793 Greene
Gathright Miles Collins Mary 29 Aug 1795 Richmond
Gentry James Chavis Elizabeth 4 Jul 1800 Wilkes
George Gideon Barring Tibitha 4 Mar 1795 Warren
George James Hardin Mary 29 Jun 1794 Warren
George Travis Greere Dianna 22 Feb 1794 Wilkes
Gerber Casper Haefner Christine B. 20 May 1760 Effingham
Germany James Ligneaux Hannah 3 Apr 1794 Columbia
Gholson Dabney Bullock Polly 24 Dec 1793 Warren
Gibbons John Graves Rebecca 13 Dec 1777 Liberty
Gibson John Lee Susannah 1 Jan 1794 Columbia
Gibson John Fluellen Fanny 22 Feb 1800 Warren
Gilham Ezekiel Vint Rebecca 16 Apr 1799 Oglethorpe
Gilham Thomas Milligan Martha 11 Jan 1797 Oglethorpe
Gilmer Nicholas Clark Amelia 17 Mar 1798 Oglethorpe
Gilpin Ignatius Denham Nancy 14 Jul 1800 Columbia
Glaner Benjamin Bach Hannah 7 Feb 1775 Effingham
Glenn Thomas Crawford Elizabeth 23 Mar 1800 Columbia
Glover Frederick Jones Nancy 3 Sep 1799 Warren
Gnan Michael Weber Mary M. 14 Jan 1772 Effingham
Gnann George Rotenberger Anna 22 Jan 1771 Effingham
Gnann Jacob Depp Mary M. 23 Jan 1759 Effingham
Gnann Jacob Metzger Hannah 6 Apr 1773 Effingham
Goldsby Richard Thornton Zillah 30 Nov 1795 Oglethorpe
Goldwire James Stewart Sarah 18 Aug 1772 Effingham
Goldwire John Moore Elizabeth 8 Nov 1796 Effingham
Good William Conner Elizabeth 18 Jan 1796 Wilkes
Goode Samuel W. Hamilton Eliza 13 Jan 1800 Columbia
Goodwin Daniel West Barbara 4 Dec 1793 Columbia
Goodwin Wyche Powers Anne 14 Jan 1798 Richmond
Goolsby Aaron Stewart Ann 28 Nov 1798 Oglethorpe
Goolsby Isaac Mane Elizabeth 23 Jun 1798 Oglethorpe
Goolsby Samuel Stephens Judith 17 Jun 1799 Oglethorpe
Goolsby William Mathews Patsy 15 Feb 1796 Oglethorpe
Goulding Thomas Stacy Margaret 10 Jul 1784 Liberty

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