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1754-1800 Georgia Marriage Records
Groom Index, 'Ha-He' Surnames

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This database contains marriage records from Bulloch County, Camden County, Chatham County, Clarke County, Columbia County, Effingham County, Greene County, Liberty County, Oglethorpe County, Richmond County, Warren County, and Wilkes County, Georgia.

Groom Index: A  Ba-Be  Bi-Bo  Br-By  Ca-Coc  Col-Cur  D  E  F  Ga-Go  Gr-Gu  Ha-He

First Name
First Name
Hagarty Jonathan Cook Ferryby 16 Oct 1798 Warren
Haid John George Kurtz Eleanor 4 Mar 1754 Effingham
Haines Henry Tatum Rebecca 9 Apr 1793 Warren
Hambleton Joseph Steele Mary 11 Sep 1777 Liberty
Hamilton John Holaway Rebecca 3 Jun 1795 Oglethorpe
Hammett Elijah Chapman Polly 1 Jan 1800 Wilkes
Hammond James Allen Christian 2 May 1793 Richmond
Hancock Joseph Brady Mary 25 Nov 1800 Warren
Handlay George Howe Sally 15 Jun 1789 Richmond
Handley John Coward Elizabeth 16 Jul 1798 Bulloch
Hardeman John Collier Nancy 26 Mar 1792 Wilkes
Hardin Benjamin Smith Mourning 6 Jun 1796 Warren
Hardman John Smith Nancy 13 Mar 1797 Oglethorpe
Hardwick Garland Ford Susannah 14 Oct 1794 Columbia
Harnett James Fluker Nancy 6 May 1800 Wilkes
Harp William Brewer Polly 23 Dec 1799 Greene
Harper Shadrack Trager Sarah 7 Mar 1773 Effingham
Harrell Reuben Cousins Mary 6 Mar 1797 Columbia
Harris Daniel Bevil Sarah 11 Mar 1774 Effingham
Harris Samuel Williams Patience 9 Dec 1794 Greene
Harris Thomas Martin Sarah 16 Oct 1793 Columbia
Harris William Northcutt Madiah 2 Feb 1796 Oglethorpe
Harrison Clement Williams Elizabeth 16 Sep 1792 Columbia
Harrison Jerimiah Ramsey Rebecca 19 Dec 1796 Oglethorpe
Harrison John Newman Elizabeth 24 Aug 1800 Warren
Hartsfield Andrew McKilvy Rebeccah 1 Apr 1797 Oglethorpe
Hartsfield Henry Olive Polly 7 Aug 1798 Oglethorpe
Harvey Thomas Aldridge Susannah 18 Mar 1798 Columbia
Harwood John Dawson Elizabeth 27 Oct 1795 Richmond
Hasenlauer Sebastian Rau Elizabeth 12 Oct 1757 Effingham
Hay Samuel Brantley Esther 24 Oct 1800 Oglethorpe
Haynes Anthony Reade Chaney 13 Jun 1795 Columbia
Haynes Richard Ragan Abby 4 Jun 1800 Oglethorpe
Head Daniel Hannah Elizabeth 23 Sep 1794 Oglethorpe
Head James Roberts Peggy 4 Feb 1795 Oglethorpe
Heard George Bostwich Sally 8 Feb 1796 Oglethorpe
Heart Isaac Buffington Sarah 10 May 1796 Warren
Heflin Wiley Boggess Hannah 3 Nov 1800 Oglethorpe
Heite George Remshart Sally 2 Jul 1795 Effingham
Heinsman Michael Hekel Ursla 22 Jan 1771 Effingham
Helmly David Shearhouse Dorothy 29 Oct 1800 Effingham
Helvenstine Joseph Fresh Sarah 6 Jun 1792 Effingham
Hemphill William Hughes Nancy 10 Oct 1800 Greene
Henderson Major Strozier Polly 1 Apr 1799 Wilkes
Hendley Darby Slayden Sarah 23 Aug 1792 Wilkes
Henley John Sladen Phebe 17 Mar 1787 Richmond
Henry Thomas Aldridge Susannah 18 Mar 1798 Columbia
Herring John Ragan Holly 30 May 1795 Oglethorpe
Hert William Bass Mary 27 Jun 1794 Warren

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