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MIDDLETON William E. married BALL Willie M. (JOLLY)

Charles Moore married Edith Evelyn King

Alonzo Pickler married Zelma Browning

BAXTER, John married HARDY, J Elizabeth

BOTNER, Elber Nuten married BRITTON, Parilee

BRITTON, William Isaac married LIGHTEL, Elizabeth Aletha

Benjamin C. Hill married Phebe Caroline Lockit

Billy Ray Tims married Tommye Jean Mitchell

Billy Ray Worsham married Arlena Toms

Birl Jones married Velma Toms

CONDRY, David George married LEAPTROT, Martha

Charles Hill married Susan E. Hill

D.D. Hill married Minnie May Jordan

D.D. Killgore married Babe Twity

Danny Whisenhunt married Annie Marie Twitty

Dawson Twitty married Inez Williams

Desmond Toms married Verdell Burns

Eddie Pickler married Dorothy Wilkerson

Elber Nuten BOTNER married Parilee BRITTON

Frederick Burns married Shirley F. Souter

G.K. Pickler married Lucia Dennis

G.T. Pickler married Claudy Soter

G.W. Twitty married Addie Stewart

GROCE, Vance Reagan married RUTH, Cynthia June

Gilbert O'Neal married Mattie Twitty

H.G. Toms married Phadra Morgan

HOUSE, Newt married RICKMAN, Belle

Homer A. Stonebrook married Hazel Twitty

J. Quincey Clemments married Vesta Clauda Pickler

J.H. Hill married D.J. Harrison

J.I. Cooper married Melvina Twitty

J.P. Hardy married May Tomes

J.P. Thomas married L.C. Harvey

James H. Hunter married Nancy Clark

James Myron Hockstaff married Annie Marie Twitty

James Tombs married Anna Turner

James Tombs married Susan Tombs

Jeffie Lee Souter married Mary Burns

Jim Hill married Ella Thomas

John Allen Dillinger married Hazel Twitty

John B. Hill married Sarah Vanwrinkle

John BAXTER married Elizabeth J HARDY

John D. Hill married Elzie Ann Hudgins

John Loyd House married Frances Edington

John T. Hill married Victoria E. Barnett

John Walker Toms married Idell Burns

Julius Hill married Kindness Taylor

L.(Lanny) D. Short married Willie Toms

LYNES, Sherman F. married BRITTON, Stella

Lenon Hill married Mary Taylor

Leolon Dudley married Mattie Lyda Pickler

Lloyd Burns married Vesta V. Souter

Lou U. Barnett married Alice Releford

M.A. Mason married May Toms

MARCUSSEN, Walter married McCARTEY, Wilmoth

MILLS, William Henry married FERGUSON, Louelle Elizabeth

MOORE, Roy married TUCKER, Ivea

McKINNEY, Virgil married GOULD, Anna Marion

McKINNEY, Willis married MOORE, Ivia

N.H. Taylor married Irene Pickler

Nettie Toms married W.E. Souter

O'QUIN, M.R. married STONE, E. A.

O'QUINN, R. D. married PERSONS, L. A.

R.E. Newport married Addie Twitty

RANKINS, Stephen C married FUKLS, Mary Ellen

ROBBINS, James married HALLER, Nancy

Raiford Pope married Mabel Toms

Ralph Ensey married Era Twitty

Redgon P. Hill married Rebecca Higdon

Romie Taylor married Abi Twitty

S.E.S. Benefield married Tempie Twitty

S.G. Twitty, M.D. married Allie Walthall

SHEPARD, William Henry married MONK, Nancy Elizabeth

SMITH, Henry D. married CAMPBELL, Thelma B.

Sam Hill married Dofney Formby

Stephan Hill married Dieyann Delaney

Stephen Hill married Martha A. McKnight

Thomas Edward Twitty married Geraldine Wilson

Thomas J. Twitty married Sophia Powell

Thomas M. Hill married Mary F. Morris

W.D. Twitty Jr. married Neva McCalman

W.E. Twitty married Tempie Perkerson

W.L. Gunnels married Hattie Twitty

W.R. Stuart married Elizabeth Pickler

W.S. A. Jackson married Nina Twitty

W.T. Caldwell married Carolina Pickler

WALKER, George married DOBBINS, Bertha

Walker K. Twitty married Mary Moody

William E. Toms married Mary Dees

William F. Henderson married Sarah E. Twitty

William Levy Hill married Nettie Toms

Wilton Oglee married Emarana Toms

Christine Williams married Jason Robnett

Bettye Lavina Hatley married Lee W. McDowell

Meredith Cook married Eliza Moppien

Sam D. Alphin married Nancy Chaney

Farrell D Hamilton married Lorine F Sublett

Altus Eugene Boyd married Gloria Bell Rowland

John R. Perry married Rosa Bell Knapp

Billy E Turner married Nivian Anderson

Jackie Carlon Roach married Mildred Marie Malone

Moses Thomosan married Wyonnie Fitzpatrick

Oscar Jackson married Helen Gererd

John Furlong, Jr. married Kathryn Trites

Ronald Louis Klingbeil married Kathleen Judith Kraft

R Norris Ragan married Sara Elizabeth CarLee

Thurman Mays married Theresa Jay

Wilbur Wayne Anderson married Joyce Seagraves

Thomas Earl Padgett married Billie Ruth Dumond

W. R. Watson married Johnnie Josephine Martin

Johnny Partridge married Sue Slaten

Melvin Montgomery married Lydia Geons

John William Cover married Linda Carrol Place

Eugene L. Coburn married Jane Henderson

William F. Roberts married Norma Jean David Evans

Richard Leewis Connel married Billie Jean Wright

Marvin Hemme married Hannah Beth Martin

Gordon Thomas Denton married Emily Jane Essex

Willam Ervin Rhodes married Carole Rebecca Harris

Hulen F. Fagon married Sylvia Jean Williams

Albert Sales married Gertrude Bragg

James William Rose married Sarah Margaret Emerson

Heinlein married Mc Daniel

Lowell H Hoffman married Donna Holder

Campbell, J M married Huntley, F G

Larry L. Webster married Mary M. Turner

Randall S Canfield married Jennifer Elis

Stokes, Benjamin Franklin married Read, Sarah

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