NEW BLOG SERIES COMING: GeneaWEB2.0: Leveraging Online Resources For Meaningful Genealogy Research

In light of the recent ‘debate’ regarding the legitimacy of various web resources for genealogy research (especially blogs and personal genea-sites, but I won’t name names), and my own ponderings as to how one would ascertain whether that Sally Wilkins you’ve been chasing is actually the SAME Sally Wilkins that married your great great uncle Henry Jones in Chicago back in 1910 (or even whether that Henry and Sally are the CORRECT Henry and Sally in the first place) …I thought that it was time I added my contribution of thought to the topic.

As someone who has a stake in the success of a free online resource for genealogy research (who offers user contributed records), one who blogs, participates in online groups and discussions and leverages social media to this end, I certainly have a bias toward utilizing those types of services. As someone who studied science and journalism (yes, it’s an odd combo I know) in college I also understand how important it is to corrobrate evidence with multiple sources if any certainty is to be acheived, if any REAL progress is to be made. Because of this and other experience I have ammassed over this varied and strange life so far, I believe I am uniquely positioned to offer something of value to this discussion. And so I offer you the upcoming Series: GeneaWEB2.0: Leveraging Online Resources For Meaningful Genealogy Research.

Topics of this series will include things like source citations, expectations and pitfalls, social media as a potential tool, and so on. My hope with this is (as always) to provide you a springboard from which to dive in to your research- with fresh perspective, ivigoration, and possibly even some wisdom (whether completely new or simply reminded). As always, your perspective is helpful and wanted, so please add your comments questions and suggestions as well.  If there is anything that you would like to see more info about, let me know and I’ll gladly pull it together for you!

The first issue of this series will be posted soon. If you would like notification you can subscribe to our RSS feed, follow our twitterings or various other micro-blogs, or any number of the other options that are expressed in various places throughout this blog and on this page.

Happy Hunting!


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