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Genealogy for the Future: Issue 4– Medical History is a Must Do If You Want a Complete Family Tree

It’s a long known fact that most health related issues are passed down genetically- from whether or not you need glasses to your cholesterol levels, whether you suffer from depression to what type of arthritis you have as well as many cancers. This fact makes a comprehensive medical history an important tool to help you better understand what your risks are and how to prevent things from actualizing where possible. By recognizing what diseases you’re at risk for you can make informed decisions about prevention and screening….

Genealogy for Future: Family Traditions- Understanding the Old and Creating Some New

The concepts and perceived obligations that are intrinsic to tradition are so strong that they shape the very core of who we are and how we live. In fact, I would argue that traditions are the very cornerstone of culture, from one’s manner of speech to self presentation and lot in life to rebelling against convention and creating something new and different. This is one of the paradoxes that we in America live under – we have a long tradition of rebelling against convention ….

Genealogy for the Future: Including Your Children: Keeping Your Family Tree Alive

“The trick to getting your kids interested in the fine art of genealogy (which can at times be very tedious) is to make it fun. Children are naturally curious. They want to learn new things, they want to be involved and they want to feel good about what they’re doing. The important thing is to remember that kids need to feel connected …”

Genealogy For the Future: Genealogy Isn’t Just About Digging Up The Past

Genealogy isn’t just about digging up the past, it’s about keeping our history alive for the future, and also to help us understand better who we are in the now.
Who we are as individual people is largely owed to our family history, from the genes we’re made up of to the experiences and perspectives passed down to us during our most formative years….

Genealogy For Beginners: What Next?

So you’ve spent several spare Saturday afternoons enjoying and talking with family about past relatives, have compiled hours of recordings, books full of notes and images and are now wondering what kind of mess you’ve gotten yourself into…you are off to a fantastic start!