Kern County

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Kern County County Recorder


History: Formed 1866 from Los Angeles and Tulare counties.
County Seat=Bakersfield

Communities in Kern County where your ancestors may have had a wedding and lived: Actis, Adobe Station, Aerial Acres, Alameda, Algoso, Alta Sierra, Annette, Ansel, Armistead, Arvin, Bakersfield, Bealville, Bear Valley Springs, Bena, Bissell, Bodfish, Boron, Bowerbank, Bradys, Burton Mill, Buttonwillow, Cable, Calders Corner, Calico, Caliente, California City, Cameron, Canebrake, Cantil, Cawelo, Ceneda, Cherokee Strip, China Lake Acres, Cinco, Claraville, Conner, Crome, Delano, Derby Acres, Di Giorgio, Dustin Acres, Edison, Edmundson Acres, Edwards, Elmo, Famoso, Fellows, Fig Orchard, Five Points, Fleta, Ford City, Frazier Park, Fuller Acres, Glennville, Golden Hills, Goler Heights, Gosford, Grapevine, Greenacres, Greenfield, Gulf, Gypsite, Halfway House, Harpertown, Harts Place, Havilah, Hazelton, Hollis, Ilmon, Indian Wells, Inyokern, Jasmin, Johannesburg, Kayandee, Kecks Corner, Keene, Kern Lake, Kernell, Kernville, Keyesville, Kilowatt, Lackey Place, Lake Isabella, Lake of the Woods, Lakeview, Lamont, Landco, Lebec, Lokern, Lonsmith, Loraine, Lost Hills, Maltha, Marcel, Maricopa, McFarland, McKittrick, Meridian, Mettler, Mexican Colony, Midoil, Millux, Miracle Hot Springs, Mojave, Monolith, Moreland Mill, Mountain Mesa, Neufeld, North Belridge, North Edwards, Oil Junction, Oildale, Old Garlock, Old River, Onyx, Palmo, Panama, Pentland, Pettit Place, Pine Mountain Club, Pinon Pines, Pond, Prospero, Pumpkin Center, Quality, Rancho Seco, Rand, Randsburg, Reward, Ribier, Ricardo, Rich, Ridgecrest, Rio Bravo, Riverkern, Rosamond, Rosedale, Rowen, Saco, Sageland, Saltdale, San Emidio, Sanborn, Sand Canyon, Searles, Semitropic, Shafter, Shirley Meadows, Silt, Slater, Smith Corner, South Lake, South Taft, Spellacy, Spicer City, Squirrel Mountain Valley, Stallion Springs, Stevens, Summit, Taft, Taft Heights, Tehachapi, Tupman, Twin Lakes, Twin Oaks, Una, Valley Acres, Venola, Vinland, Walong, Wasco, Weedpatch, Weldon, Wheeler Ridge, Wible Orchard, Willow Springs, Wofford Heights, Woody, and Zentner.

Newspapers: Wedding and anniversary announcements among other great genealogy clues, newspapers are often be the best way to find out where a marriage took place. The Library of Congress (free access) has archived 37 newspapers in Kern County for these areas: Arvin, Bakersfield, Boron, Buttonwillow, Caliente, California City, China Lake, Delano, Fellows, Frazier Park, Gardner Field, Havilah, Inyokern, Joyful, Kernville, Lake Isabella, Lamont, Lerdo, Maricopa, McFarland, McKittrick, Minter Field, Mojave, Muroc, North Edwards, Oildale, Pine Mountain Club, Randsburg, Ridgecrest, Rosamond, Rosedale, Shafter, Sumner, Taft, Tehachapi, Wasco, Wofford Heights.

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