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Sumner County, Kansas Marriage Records

Contributed for use in by the Sumner County Historical and Genealogical Society
As there are over 13,000 records here and Brides and Grooms are not seperated, I've listed them as Spouse1 and Spouse2 to avoid confusion. Search both fields to cover everything.
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There may be errors in accuracy or omissions. Records should be verified before adding them to your family tree.
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GenWed has not verified these marriage records, nor can we. Any record found in this database should be verified by one of these means:

  • Contacting the state/county where the marriage took place. Most of GenWed's state and county pages have contact addresses for verifying records.
  • By checking names and dates, then ordering a copy of the marriage record from a reputable source.

If you have marriage records on your website, please contact me so I can put a link to them in the GenWed Directory!

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