Florida Records Searches:

How to use Clerks of Courts Searches

MyFloridaCounty.com Search  OR  Individual County Official Records Searches
(Links to searches if available are found on the county pages.)

MyFloridaCounty.com Search

Note: Not all counties have marriage records listed in this search. Some searches may be found on the County Clerk of Courts website.

  1. Go to MyFloridaCounty.com non-subscriber search:
  2. In "PARTY NAME:" type the name you are looking for in the top part (Individual Name:) Last Name, First Name,
  3. Select County from the dropdown menu in the second part of the form, "LOCATION:", or if you know the city where the marriage took place fill in the " ",
  4. In "DOCUMENT TYPE:" scroll down and select "Marriage Record",

This is all the information you need to enter-click "Begin Search" at the bottom right of page. Be patient, this search takes a few moments before a list of all marriage records with these names loads. Information returned with this search:

  • Names of both married parties if available
  • Date married
  • Document Type (MARRIAGE RECORD)
  • County
  • Instrument Number
  • Book/Page
  • Pages (of results)

To order a copy of a record found in this search, click the checkbox next to the search result and then click the "Order Record(s)" button at the bottom of the page. You will then be asked the quantity, whether it should be certified, and the shipping method.

Individual Clerks of Courts Searches

These instructions include most Clerk of Court Searches. Some may be a bit different in format, but basically they are all about the same.

  1. In "Party Type", leave it as "Both."
  2. Type a name in the "Name:" box.
  3. Ignore the "Document Type" box.
  4. In the "or Category:" menu that says "All Document Types," choose "MARRIAGE RECORD" or "MARR", "MARR CRT", "MAR LIC", etc.
  5. Click "Search Records."

Some of the images actually contain three documents: an application for marriage license, a license to marry, and the certificate of marriage.