Free Charts & Forms!

Tools for the Organized Genealogist!

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The two most useful forms for keeping research and family history straight are are the Ancestral or Pedigree Chart and the Family Group Sheet. Other useful charts are census forms. The census takers asked for more and different information as the years progressed and these forms help us understand the different censuses.

Correspondence Records are handy to check when a letter was sent, addresses, and replies, if any.

Using charts and forms to stay organized is a sign of a smart researcher.

This chart makes it easy to see the progression of ancestors and how they relate to others in your family tree.

For individual family records-provides more complete details than the ancestral charts-also helps connect family histories.

Form formats changed as the years went by. Extraction forms allow you to record information in the same format as the year it was taken.

Keep track of those with whom you have corresponded, the dates, addresses, and answers received.

Keep track of the record sources you have searched.

Condense information for quick access to facts.

Quick reference to sources and information for an individual family.