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CONSTABLE 50th Anniversary
from the Detroit News October, 1954
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Newspaper transcription:

Golden Wedding Anniversary Dinner for 50-- Both past 70, and both still working at factory jobs Mr. and Mrs. James Constable of 1524 Ferry Park, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary at a dinner for 50 guests. Decorating the table will be the golden "50" Mr. Constable made in his home workshop.

Couple in 70's Continue Jobs After 50 Years of Marriage

by Marjorie E. Porter

When the leave home for their factory jobs each day, Mr. and Mrs. James Constable of 1524 Ferry Park, discuss plans for their golden wedding.

On Thursday they will have been married half a century. Sandy-haired Mrs. Constable, 73, is a packer in the factory her husband, 71, is employed on the assembly line.

They have been working together for more than a decade of the 50 years since their marriage in Scotland.

Plan Celebration

Anniversary plans include a dual celebration. The couple will hold open house Thursday for all their friends. The 50 they have known best will join the family at a dinner Saturday at the Lee Plaza Hotel.

To mm Constable "family" means their only son, James M., of Highland Park, Ill., his wife and their three children.

Centering the dinner table will be the huge golden "50" Mr. Constable made in his home tool shop tp mark the day. Autumn flowers in gold tints will be placed around it and candles will shed their golden light.

Their marriage has lasted happily, both agree, because each respected the other's rights and because of mutual trust and understanding.

"Don't argue, Mrs. Constable warns married couples. "Count to 10 and walk away. But when a husband and wife can talk things over without getting too angry, it's the thing to do.

"There should be give and take in a marriage, but it has to be on a 50-50 basis. I don't believe either party should give in 75 per cent of the time. That leads to trouble."

Opposed Wife Working

Both say their views have differed during the years on many questions including whether wives should work.

"I don't hold with women working outside the home," Mr. Constable had declared 11 years ago when his wife got her factory job. But because it was wartime and workers were needed, he relented.

After the war, he said, he expected her to go back to making stew and scones in their comfortable kitchen. But she didn't.

"Working in the factory is easier than housework," Mrs. Constable told her husband. "I like it and I'm going to keep my job."

He was happier when she promised to use her earnings to dress up their home with the comforts and small luxuries both wanted.

Gives Formula

Asked her formula for a happy marriage, Mrs. Constable quotes her son:
"James says marriage means more than a ring and a minister, and he's right. Couples shouldn't marry on short acquaintance. There should be a courtship long enough for them to get to know and understand one another."

The Constables were married at Thornton, in Fifeshire, after an engagement of three years. They plan to retire and "take life easy" in the spring.