Marriage Records

MOORE Surname Marriage Record Extractions
Princess Anne County, Virginia
1788 - 1923

I gathered this data some years ago while researching for Moore's of Southside VA. I have nothing more on them. -Shirley Maynard

Caleb MOORE married Sarah WHITEHURST 21 July 1789 Rev. Anthony Walker.

Tully MOORE married Nancy CAPPS 1789 Rev. Joshua Lawrence.

Kesiah MOORE married William WHITEHARD/WHITEHEAD, Jr. 18 Nov. 1788 Rev. Anthony Walker

Amey MOORE married Moses McCLALLAN 28 Sep. 1790.

Pembroke MOORE married Richard SAND 11 Nov. 1790

John MOORE married Elizabeth COSCO 6 June 1791

James MOORE married Mary BONNEY 19 Dec. 1791

Solomon MOORE married Kesiah WATERMAN 24 April 1793

Theodour MOORE married Salley WILLERY 24 Jan. 1793

James MOORE married Mrs. Mary JAMES 7 August, 1793

Ander MOORE married Peggy MARBONE 8 May 1824

Napoleon MOORE, age 23, married 11 Dec., 1856, Mary F. CAFFEE, 18.
Parents: Andrew and Lizzie Moore; John and Nancy Caffee.

Delaware MOORE, 39, widower, married 24 Mar., 1858, Dinah CASON, 38, widow.
Parents: Hillary and Amy Moore; Cornelius and Polly Dyer.

William H. MOORE, 23, married 13 Jan 1860, Sarah ROBINSON, 16.
Parents: Andrew and Peggy Moore; Charles and Francis Robinson.

Andrew MOORE, 59, widower, married 23 Jan., 1861, Margaret TURNER, 31.
Parents: William and Elizabeth Moore; John and Fanny Turner.

Ann MOORE, widow, married Newton CAPPS. 22 Sep, 1866.

James E. MOORE, 21, married 20 Dec., 1870, Nancy J. HILL Parents: Johnson and Margaret Moore; Caleb and Nancy Hill.

John A. MOORE, 24, married 11 Mar., 1886, Eva SENECA.
Parents: Napoleon B. and Mary F. Moore; M. P. and Sarah Seneca.

Marvin Melton MOORE, 26, married 4 Jan., 1918, Nina Frances WHITEHEAD.
Parents: John A. Moore and Eva Seneca Moore.

Marvin Melton MOORE, 32, widow, married 8 Sep., 1923, Lucy C. WATERFIELD, 24.
Parents: John A. Moore and Eva Seneca Moore.

Joshua G. MOORE, 24, married Elizabeth A. DEY, 22. (forgot to write down date but in 1881.)
Parents: James and Catherine Moore; Benj. S. and Mary E. Dey.

Leonard A. MOORE, 22, married 16 Dec., 1881, Mary J. BAYLOR, 18.
Parents: Napoleon and Mar y F. Moore; Rich H. and Annie H. Baylor.

Martha R. MOORE, 28, married 20 Dec., 1881, Henry F. WHITE, born in Currcutack, NC.
Parents: Malachai M. and Anny Moore; Henry and Susan White.

Clara V. MOORE, age 17, married 16 Dec., 1881 Orando B. CAPPS.
Parents: Napoleon and Mary Moore; Dennis and Nancy Capps.

Napoleon B. MOORE, age 50, widower, married Catherine A. SENECA widow, age 44.
Parents: Andrew and Peggy Moore; William and Lydia Williams.

I have nothing more on them. The film has been returned to the VA State Archives.

Shirley Maynard

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