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Michigan Home

Obituaries from the Detroit News, October 1954
(Wayne County)

Surname List - Obituary Images
(New Obituaries added Feb. 26, 2005)

These are the first obituary records to be added to Some have very little data, little more than a line or two,  while others have a more information for genealogy researchers. Since they are from a large newspaper, most offer the basic information. The most basic information that can be gleaned from an obituary:

  • Name
  • Age at time of death
  • Date of death
  • Funeral home
  • Immediate survivors

But if you are really lucky and the paper had room that day, you can find the basic information, plus:

  • Maiden name if married
  • Place of residence
    • Length of residence
  • Place of death
    • Cause of death
  • Date and place of birth
  • Parents names
    • Mother's maiden name
  • Survivors (wife, children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters)
    • Relationship and residence
    • Wife's maiden name
  • Date, time, and place of service
    • Officiate at service
    • Place of burial or inurnment
  • Picture of deceased

And if you are really, really, lucky the obituary will also contain some personal history. (Smaller town newspapers usually have more information in their obituaries.) Personal history might include:

  • Military service and dates
  • Rank on discharge
  • Marriage date and place
  • Previous marriage
  • Occupations and Employment
  • Interests and memberships

As you can see, obituaries can offer a wealth of information and clues to finding other records. The information in obituaries is usually collected by the funeral home family members, and then then given to the local newspaper. Since this is second-hand information, you should always try corroborate it with other sources.

Surname List - Obituary Images
Donated by Judy Richardson

Issac ABRAMOVITZ Obituary

Dorothy ALTMAN Obituary

Albert ARTHUR Obituary

Charles ASLAN Obituary

Cecilia BARANOWSKI Obituary

Edward BAUER Obituary

Louis BAZNER Obituary

Donata BERARDO Obituary

Norma BITONTI Obituary

Hyman BLACK Obituary

Louis BROUSSEAU Obituary

Adelaide BRUSS Obituary

John BURGESS Obituary

Fannie BUTZ Obituary

Johanna CLEMENS Obituary

Helen DAUER Obituary

Emma DEMEERE Obituary

Emma DICKERSON Obituary

Chester FERDUBINSKI Obituary

Nellie FLANIGAN Obituary

Herman GOEBEL Obituary

Luella HOLLAND Obituary

Arthur HUTTER Obituary

Ambrose HYLAND Obituary

Verna JESSMORE Obituary

Ronald KNICELEY Obituary

Arthur La BRECHE Obituary

Edith LANCASTER Obituary

Katherine LAWSON Obituary

Walter Le FEVRE Obituary

Edward LUTTMAN Obituary

Grace MACKAY Obituary

Howard MASSEY Obituary

Anne McCARTHY Obituary

Anna McQUADE Obituary

George NOSWORTHY Obituary

Mary RAFAEL Obituary

Edward RONCO Obituary

Frank TRAMBUSH Obituary

August VAN GOETHEM Obituary

Frank VERNER Obituary

Edward WADDINGTON Obituary

Grace WATSON Obituary

Leona WIELAND Obituary

In Memoriam (a small memorial to a loved one placed in the obituaries, usually on the anniversary of their death):



(New Additions, Feb. 26, 2005)

Max BROWN Obituary

Norman DROUILLARD Obituary

Alva FEEBACK Obituary

Maurice GIBBS Obituary

Dorothy GINTHER Obituary

Emery GEGUS Obituary

Dorothy GRAMS Obituary

Louise GRONEMEYER Obituary

John HANFIELD Obituary

Lillian HAYES Obituary

Ethel HEMSLEY Obituary

Gladys HOFFMAN Obituary

George MASON Obituary

Louise MEISEL Obituary

Louis MIRIANI Obituary

Edmund MORISETTE Obituary

William OLMSTED Obituary

Rickey PELTIER Obituary

Charles PHILLIPS Obituary

Enos PORTER Obituary

Russell PRIEST Obituary

Fred ROSS Obituary

Mary Ann ROSS Obituary

Jane ROURKE Obituary

Samuel RUSSELL Obituary

Alex SCHRAMM Obituary

Jennie SCOTT Obituary

Everett SEATON Obituary

Joseph SIEGRIST  Obituary

Charles SLICKER Obituary

Thomas SPARBECK  Obituary

Nellie SPARKS Obituary

Beatrice STRAUS Obituary

Mary THORPE Obituary

William THORP Obituary

Arthur TOLLES Obituary

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