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Princess Anne County, Virginia
1858 to 1871

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by Shirley Maynard

The film was in negative, white writing on a black background. Several years were missing. Child, race, status, owner's name, (Place of birth), father's name, mother's name.

Princess Anne Co., VA. records of births, Smith extractions White, unless otherwise noted.

1 May 1858

1. Nancy, slave, (Kempsville) Master William Smith.

2. V. Alice, (Great Bridge Rd.) Father: James W. Smith. Mother: Arthusia Smith.

9 March 1858
Cordelia, (Bayside). Father: Alamanda Smith. Mother: Anne M. Smith

27 Oct. 1858
Julie, (Washwoods). Father: Major Smith. Mother: Sallie Smith

1 August 1858
Unnamed. Female slave. (London Bridge). Master John B. Smith.

1 Nov. 1858
Bob, slave, (London Bridge). Master John B. Smith.

28 July 1858
Singer, slave, (Muddy Creek) Master Jesse Smith.

25 Jan. 1858
Ezekiel, (Muddy Creek). Father: Tully T. Smith. Mother: Mary Smith.

18 Feb. 1859
Margaret, (Muddy Creek). Father: Andrew Smith. Mother: Sarah Smith.

24 Feb. 1859
Cristian, female slave, (Great Bridge), Master W. Jas. Smith.

31 Aug. 1859
V. Anne (Charity). Father: William Smith. Mother: Henretta Smith

7 Feb. 1860
Margaret (Pungo) Father: Andrew Smith. Mother: Sallie Smith.

4 April 1860
B. Jesse (Muddy Creek) Father: Jesse Smith. Mother: J. Amy Smith.

8 May 1860
Edward (Muddy Creek). Father: Tully Smith. Mother: Mary Smith.

8 Sep. 1860
M. J. James (Gum Swamp). Father: W. James Smith. Mother: Susan Smith.

26 Feb. 1860
W. John, (Pembroke) Father: W. John Smith. Mother, F. Amy Smith.

8 Aug. 1860
Josephine , slave (Kempsville). Master C. William Smith.

15 Aug. 1860
Catharine, slave (Kempsville). Master C. William Smith

18 July 1860
Male slave. (North Landing) Master C. William Smith.

R May 1861
Edward. (Muddy Creek) Father: Tully Smith. Mother, Amy Smith

War Years missing

28 Aug. 1865
Joseph, (Princess Anne Co.) Father: Joseph Smith. Mother: Sarah Smith.

20 April 1865
Fanny, (Norfolk City). Father: George Smith. Mother: Nancy Smith.

11 July 1865
E. Mary, (Princess Anne Co.) Father: John W. Smith. Mother: Amy F Smith.

10 Sep. 1865
No name, white. (Princess Anne Co.) Father: Jesse Smith. Mother: Amy J. Smith.

10 Dec. 1865
William J. Father: John Smith. Mother: Mary E. Smith.

30 July 1865
Reuben (Bayside).

Emma (Bayside) Father: George W. Smith. Mother: Mary E. Smith.

30 Dec. 1868
Amy E., (Pungo). Father: William E. Smith. Mother: Elizabeth Smith.

15 Oct. 1868
Nancy C. (Charity Rock) Father: William N. Smith. Mother: Henrietta Smith.

17 Oct. 1868
William H. (Great Neck) Father: William H. Smith, Jr. Mother: Henrietta S. Smith.

21 March 1868
James E. (Bayside) Father James W. Smith. Mother: Amy F. Smith.

17 Aug. 1868
Mary J. (Black Water). Father: William T. Smith. Mother: Margarett Smith.

15 Aug. 1869
Clara (Pungo) No father named. Mother, Amelia Smith.

7 July 1869
Female, white. (Pungo). No father named. Mother: Mary Smith.

23 Sep. 1869
Female, white. (Charity Neck) No father named. Mother: Emaline Smith.

18 Nov. 1869
Walter S. (Lynhaven River) No father named. Mother: Emily Smith.

10 Sep. 1869
Oscar (Bayside) No father named. Mother: Martha Smith

8 June 1869
John H. (Pungo) No father named. Mother: Rebecca Smith.

27 July 1870
Clotildy, black female. Father's name unreadable. Mother: Penny Smith.

16 Jan. 1870
Charles W. (Muddy Creek) Father: Willian N. Smith. Mother: Henrietta Smith.

2 Nov. 1870
Newton (Muddy Creek) Father: William W. Smith. Mother: Anne Z. Smith

14 Sep. 1870
Ella (Pungo) Father: Reubin Smith. Mother: Rebecca Smith.

4 Sep. 1870
No name. (Charity Neck) Father: Ryland Smith. Mother: Anne Smith.

6 Nov. 1871
William (Charity Neck) Father: Wm. A. Smith. Mother: Anna E. Smith.

29 Feb. 1871
William H. (Muddy Creek) Father: Henry Smith. Mother: Emaline Smith

3 Dec. 1871
Reubin L. (Charity Neck) Father: Ryland Smith. Mother: Mary J. Smith.

This concludes the entries extracted from the P. A. Co. birth film.

Shirley Maynard

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