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SMITH Surname Bride's List from Marriage Extractions
Princess Anne County, Virginia
1850 to 1939

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 by Shirley Maynard

The number of Smiths in P A Co. is huge so extracting each will take some time.  To begin the process I will simply list the names of the bride and grooms and the page number they will be found within the film. 
SMITH Brides Grooms Page
Margaret Ann James L. MILLS 1
Margaret Joshua WHITEHURST 1
Virginia Keeling WHITEHURST 2
Mary S. Dennis MALBONE 3
Fanny Henry FRIZZEL 5
Mary Jane John W. WHITEHURST 5
Betsey Robert M. SHIPP 5
Lovey Ann William GODFREY 5
Eliza Thomas WHITEHURST 6
Amy Frances William FLANAGAN 8
Columbia J. Peter L. MURDEN 9
Ana Eliza Reuben R. SMITH 10
Lizzie Israel GRIGGS 10
Catharine John D. CARROWAY 10
Emily B. John S. WHITWORTH 11
Eliza A. Levon F. WHITEHURST 11
Betsey James G. BONNEY 12
Jaca Ann Calvin G. WATERFIELD 13
Vandelia William W. FORBES 13
Bernice John CORPREW 13
Celestia John M. JOYCE 13
Frances C. W. SMITH 13
Elizabeth Benjamie SATTERTHIGHT 14
Georgiana John M. PARSONS 14
Arethusia Martin HARRISS 14
Charlotte E Gary T. BALLENTINE 15
Virginia Joseph BAUM 16
Sarah E. James C. CASON 18
Luelen Napoleon WHITEHURST 20
Amy J. Corprew LAND 26
Rhoda Calvin CAPPS 28
Sarah Anthony WHITEHURST 28
Mary S. Walter W. DAWLEY 31
Ann Virginia Thomas S. LAND 35
Alice Peter L. MURDEN 37
Pheatney Ann Simon LOVITT 37
Sarah F. John H. CRAFT 37
Mary E. George W. STONE 38
Amy F. David M. CREEKMORE 38
Margaret V. William A. FRANKLIN 42
Jacamine A. Tully J. DOZIER 42
Elizabeth R. Abner C. MALBONE 42
Elizabeth Jacob LITCHFIELD 44
Mary L. John C. WHITE 47
Emeline William R. FENTRESS 47
Mary A. Andrew J. DOZIER 48
Martha J. William W. CAVENDER 49
Emma Jane William T. JAMES 51
Mary J. Joshua W. MURPHY 53
Mary S. George LaBARRER 55
Mary Virginia James CARTWRIGHT 55
Cora William B. KEELING 57
Mary J. Ira V. CAPPS 59
Mary V. Walter G. SMITH 59
Sallie A. Ezekiel SMITH 59
Laura V. John DAVIS 59
Nannie A. William H. WILKERSON 60
Margaret A. William H. LOVITT 61
Sarah F. Nathaniel N. JONES 62
Sallie E. Millard P. HARRISON 62
Alice Robert L. WHITEHURST 65
Nettie Ernest GRIGG 65
Mary S. Alonzo BAILEY 65
Madora E. John C. BODWENT 65
Ester E. L. L. MURDEN 66
Eva D. Thorowgood H. KELLAM 67
Estelle  Horatio S. WOODHOUSE 67
Mary A. Durant SMITH 67
Texas Willie WHITEHURST 69
Lena V. Adolphus M. PALLETT 69
Elizabeth J. Howell C. LEWIS 69
Annie E. David F. JAMES 70
Eva L. Enoch D. FEREBEE 71
Daisy Elizabeth Thomas Lea BROOKS 72
Lettie L. Leonard T. GARRISON 72
Ida Virginia Christopher C. FRIZZELL 73
Alice M. Joseph B. MURDEN 74
Emma John C. McCLANAN 75
Wilhelminie M. Easley Edgar CHADWICK 77
Maggie E. Eugene C. HENLEY 79
Maggie J. Ryland MURDEN 81
Annie William H. STYRON 82
Mary Fred H. HEITMANN, Jr. 82
Bulah Blanche Julian B. CULLINS 82
Bessie D. James W. BUTT 85
Hettie E. Fred E. WHITEHURST 86
Huldah Fanny Augustus Cornelius SMITH 88
Mary Margaret Milton McKANN 88
Bertha Louis VAN NOSTRAND 89
Bertha J. Sidney S. SHIPP 91
Maud Walter H. RIGGS, Jr. 94
Bettie Virginia Garland Garnett THOMAS 102
Rachel William J. GREGORY 102
Thelma Ida Belle Harwell Ethelb. HALSTEAD 105
Madaline Virginia Herbert Elmer HOGGE 108
Blanche Virginia Robert KIGHT 114
Bertha Lee Linwood TAYLOR 114
Gladys Elizabeth Clamon Atwood RAINEY 114
Estella May Sidney Jones GREGORY 115
Ida Virginia William Forest DAVIS 122
Lillian Vernon Edward HEBDEN 123
Rintha L. Larry E. LAWTON 124
Minnie Ireen Norman Ed. WATERMAN 134
Annette Marjorie Anthony Alf. MORRELLE 140
Charlene Elizabeth Robert John SNOWDON 140
Pauline Lillard Robert John JOHNSON 141
Hazel Ruth Thad Ollen PETWAY 142
Louise Kathleen John Fletcher WARD, Jr. 143
Arleen Gillington Constant Wilh.PETERSON 150
Nellie Bethania George Odell DOZIER 153
Bernice Agatha Marvin Earl DEAL 154
Mildred Virginia Russell Lee CAPPS 156
Lillian Beatrice William Wash. OLIVER, IV 160
Maizie L. Melvin E. DEAL 168
Dorothy Virginia Melford C. WHITEHEAD 169

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