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SMITH Surname Groom's List from Marriage Extractions
Princess Anne County, Virginia
1850 to 1939

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by Shirley Maynard

The number of Smiths in P A Co. is huge so extracting each will take some time.  To begin the process I will simply list the names of the bride and grooms and the page number they will be found within the film. 
SMITH Grooms Brides Page
Alamanda Mary Jane WOOD 1
William N. Henrietta CAPPS 3
Peter Nancy WILSON 3
Henry Mary ABSOLOM 5
James W. Arathusa CORBELL 4
George Mary Ann BONNEY 5
Newton Elizabeth CAPPS 6
Joseph Sarah WILLIAMS 7
John M. Mary E. Etheridge 9
Bartholomew Annie M. PURDY 9
Reuben R. Ann Eliza SMITH 10
Henry Emeline WEST 10
William E. Elizabeth SIMMONS 11
William S. Henrietta McCLANAN 12
Reuben H. Elizabeth R. JAMES 12
Noah Emily A. FRANKLIN 12
C. W. Frances SMITH 13
Reuben R. Mary J. WHITEHURST 14
George L. Elenora CHAPPEL 15
Steward Susan DOZIER 17
William E. Mary Jane LEE 17
William Henry Frances CAPPS 17
William A. Emma L. WHITEHURST 18
Mitchell Lydia MURDEN 19
Tully Mollie CORPREW 20
James L. Maria A. WARREN 20
Noah Sarah Elizabeth SIMMONS 20
Amzey Fanny BUTTS 21
John Nancy Elizabeth DIXON 22
Alexander S. Lodusky A. ROBINSON 23
Horatio Mary E. SAWYER 25
Walter H. Sarah E. HALL 29
John E. Elizabeth HENLEY 29
James E. Anna M. OVERSTREET 29
Charles Henry Mary Elizabeth DUDLEY 33
Lovitt Fanny WHITEHURST 33
George W. Missouri C. SPAN 34
Jesse B. Jacomine DAVIS 36
Oscar L. Martha A. IVES 36
Joseph R. Caroline Virginia FENTRESS 39
Dennis C. Julia Anne BELANGA 42
William H. Blanney HUNTER 42
Benjamine T. Bettie M. BREWER 42
Enoch S. Mary O. DUDLEY 43
John A. Phebe J. WATERMAN 48
William E. Mary E. FRIZZELL 54
Walter W. Mary V. SMITH 59
Ezekiel Sallie A. SMITH 59
Chandler L Amy D. BAILEY 59
William Gertrude E. LAND 64
William F. Mollie J. SWIFT 64
Clarence A. Ada A. COMPTON 64
Reuben L. Cora J. DOZIER 66
William E. Amy E. SIMPSON 66
Amsey Mary E. REID 67
Durant Mary A. SMITH 67
William H. Sinty Ann WHITEHURST 70
George Mamie MASON 70
Alexander Georgeanna MILLER 70
James Edwin, Dr. Mary Josephine SCOTT 72
Paul L. Gertrude E. McKOWN 73
Walter A. Dora L. BATTEN 73
Benjamin F. Emma F. DAWLEY 74
Andrew W. Maggie E. JAMES 78
Arnold R. Alice S. DIGGS 79
Jesse L. Jennie L. GARRISON 78
Ernest Rebecca C. HAMMOCK 79
Edward Barney, Jr. Alice Saunders THOMAS 85
Edwin Ada L. WILSON 86
Chandler L. Bettie LITCHFIELD 88
Augustus Huldah Fanny SMITH 88
Alexander  Lizzie E. MYERS 89
Walter E. Maggie V. DIGGS 89
Ruphus O. Alexena SCAFF 89
William H. Rachel BESNIGHT 91
Arthur Chandler Annie Elizabeth VAN NOSTRAND 97
Eugene J. Oliver WOODHOUSE 98
James Walter Gladys Hope CAPPS 102
David Lee George Lorena CHERRY 107
Harry J. Lucy Elizabeth BRISTOWE 114
Lenvel Alexander Mamie E. MACKEY 115
Frank Annie   WHITEHEAD 117
Claude Washington Nellie B. MURPHY 119
Nelson Margaret Gold WRIGHT 121
Roy Edward Katherine Lucy TURNER 128
Ernest Wilson Mary Elizabeth SMITH 133
Benjamin Franklin Myrtle Virginia WHITEHURST 135
James Carlyle Pauline Elizabeth BELLARD 137
William Ella Page EVERETT 141
Randolph William Virginia Beatrice WISER 149
Surry Thomas Viola Rogers SIMMONS 153
Willard Palmer Mary Trafton WOOD 153
Herman Larry Beulah Lee SHAW 161
Haywood Wash. Emily Louise ANSELL 163
Jessie  Lola NEWMAN 165
Joseph E. Mattie Louise MANBY 171
Floyd Hazel PEELE 172
Galley W. Eva W. LONG 172
William A. Ella Mae STYRON 180

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