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Princess Anne County, Virginia
1850 to 1939

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by Shirley Maynard

Only names and dates given. If there are two dates, the first is the marriage application, the second the marriage. These items were extracted from an unindexed film that had indexed marriages from 1850 to 1939.

22 Dec. 1797 Levi SMITH to Nancy JONES

2 Dec. 1797 Samuel BARTEE to Elizabeth SMITH

15 March 1798 John HAYWOOD to Mary SMITH

29 Sep. 1798 Smith GARRETT to Keziah SMITH

4 Sept. 1800 John SMITH, Jun. to Catharine WILLIAMSON.

28 July 1807, 15 Aug. 1807 marriage. Simon SMITH to Lestal LOSTER.

30 Sept. 1806 20 Oct. 1806 Enoch SMITH to Elizabeth COX.

2 July 1807 14 July 1807 Wm, WHITE to Jermima SMITH.

7 May 1801 Charles WRAY to Anne SMITH.

20 May 1803 John SMITH to Charity CALLOWAY.

3 March 1805 John A. WARD to Pembrook SMITH.

27 July 1809 Robert SMITH to Susanna SINGLETON.

2 Dec. 1813 Mr. Charles NORRIS to Miss Margaret SMITH.

4 April 1814 Mr. James buskey to Miss Mary SMITH.

27 Aug. 1814 3 Sep. 1814 Mr. Simon WARD to Miss Nelly SMITH.

24 Aug. 1815 Mr. Singleton COX to Miss Elizabeth SMITH.

7 Oct. 1815 18 Oct. 1815 Mr. William CAPPS to Mrs. Martha SMITH.

18 Nov. 1815 24 Nov 1815 Mr. James FLANAGAN to Miss Mary SMITH.

14 Sep. 1819 Mr. Nathan WHITEHURST to Miss Amey SMITH.

2 Oct. 1820 Mr. Ivy HERICK to Miss Margaret SMITH.

17 July 1824 Rasha SMITH to Charlotte (unreadable name)

29 Dec. 1825 Dennis DOUDGE to Nancy SMITH.

27 Feb. 1826 Mr. George SMITH to Mrs Peggy SMITH.

26 July 1828 Charles W. ORTON to Mrs. Jacomine SMITH

1 Jan. 1825 Joshua SMITH to Jacomine WILLIAMSON.

24 Dec. 1829 William SMITH to Miss Amey WHITEHURST.

30 Jan. 1830 Daniel SMITH to Betsy DOUDGE.

27 June 1833 Cason McCLANNAN to Miss Esther SMITH.

15 Sept 1831 Daniel SMITH to Edna WHITEHURST.

19 Feb. 1834 Mr. Willis SHIPP to Miss Catherine SMITH.

7 May 1835 Mr. David MURPHY to Mrs. Mary SMITH.

9 June 1838 Mr. Batson DOUDGE o Mrs. Polly SMITH.

1 June 1839 Mr. Jessy WHITEHURST to Mrs. Mary SMITH.

26 Nov. 1840 Mr. Tulley SMITH to Mrs. Salley CARROL.

9 Feb. 1841 John W. WHITEHURST to Lyddia SMITH.

20 May 1841 Caleb AYRES to Irena SMITH.

31 May 1841 James SMITH to Eliza WHITEHURST.

6 July 1841 Horation SMITH to Betsey KINSEY

21 Aug. 1841 Bagwel SMITH to Salley COX.

19 Jan. 1841 Mr. John M. SMITH to Mrs. Frances SIKES.

22 Jan. 1842 Mr. George SMITH to Mrs. Anne LEWARK

3 Oct. 1844 Mr. Caleb WHITEHURST to Mrs. Jaca SMITH.

3 June 1845 Mr. David SMITH to Miss Anny CAPPS.

7 June 1845 Mr. Levi H. SMITH to Margaret STONE.

30 July 1845 Mr. Peter SMITH to Miss Fanny FRIZZEL

This ends the extraction from the unindexed Princess Anne Co., VA marriage film.

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