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Colorado Marriages and How to Find Them

Official recording of marriage records in Colorado was not required until 1881. There are records of marriages much earlier than 1881, but this varies by county. Some of the early marriages in Colorado were written down by the officiate on whatever was handy. One county has some original early marriages recorded on 3" x 3" pieces of paper.

After 1881 a couple wanting to marry purchased a marriage license from the county clerk. The basic info found on an early Colorado marriage record include:

  • the bride and groom's full name
  • the bride and groom's age and birthdates
  • county of application and marriage
  • residence and parents names
  • previous marriages
  • divorce status
  • names of witnesses
  • the officiate, such as a minister or justice of the peace

Marriage records may be ordered from the State Vital Records Section of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment or from individual county clerks in Colorado. The Vital Records Section has records available for the following years: 1900 to 1939, and 1975 to present. The 1900 to 1939 records are indexed by groom name only-the 1975 to present records are indexed and searchable by both bride name and groom name. For official copies of Colorado marriage certificates, contact the county clerk where the license was issued. Early Colorado marriage records are public records. There are no restrictions on who can view and order early Colorado Marriage Records. By law, these records are public records and are not confidential as in some other states.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Vital Records Section
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530

Verifications for the years 1940 to 1974 must be obtained from the county where the license was obtained. For information and fees from the state vital records office call (303) 692-2200.
(County Clerk Addresses)

Colorado County Clerks have marriages starting at these dates.

Adams - 1902
Alamosa - 1913
Arapahoe - 1860
Archuleta - 1886
Baca - 1889
Bent -1888
Boulder - 1864
Broomfield - 2001
Chaffee - 1866
Cheyenne - 1889
Clear Creek - 1864
Conejos - 1871
Costilla - 1863
Crowley - 1911
Custer - 1877
Delta - 1883
Denver - 1860
Dolores - 1881
Douglas - 1864
Eagle - 1879
Elbert - 1874
El Paso - 1861
Fremont - 1865
Garfield - 1884
Gilpin - 1865
Grand - 1881
Gunnison - 1877
Hinsdale - 1876
Huerfano - 1875
Jackson - 1909
Jefferson - 1874
Kiowa - 1889
Kit Carson - 1889
Lake - 1869
Larimer - 1862
Las Animas - 1868
Lincoln - 1887
Logan - 1887
Mesa - 1883
Mineral - 1891
Moffat - 1911
Montezuma - 1889
Montrose - 1883
Morgan - 1889
Otero - 1889
Ouray - 1881
Park - 1876
Phillips - 1889
Pitkin - 1881
Prowers - 1889
Pueblo - 1860
Rio Blanco - 1883
Rio Grande - 1874
Routt - 1877
Saguache - 1869
San Juan - 1871
San Miguel - 1883
Sedgwick - 1889
Summit - 1862
Teller - 1889
Washington - 1887
Weld - 1864
Yuma - 1889

Carbonate - see Lake
Guadalupe - see Conejos
Lake - (old Lake County) see Chafee
La Plata - 1880 (earlier records in parent county, San Juan)

I haven't checked all counties, but am assuming that records exist from at least the date of county formation. Check with the county of interest to see what records they have and fees associated with ordering copies of records.

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