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Can Connecticut Marriage Records Help You Trace Back Ancestors?

A number of years ago the only way that you could access your family records was if someone in your family had kept the records for a very long time, or if you had enough funds to pay someone to access the records for you. An investigator could take quite a long time to access these records, simply because they would be required to go to a number of different locations, often even different states, in order to gather the information. Now, however, everything has changed, and if you want to know about the people in your family, even if they have been dead for a very long time, most of the time all you need is the internet.

Records Online

No one could have guessed that the invention of the internet would be as huge as it has become. Now almost everyone has access to the internet in their own homes, and most people have become so accustomed to it that they go through withdrawals if they are away from the internet for any length of time. The fact that the internet is there with so much different information online can actually help you in a number of ways, especially if you're looking for information about your ancestors. Marriage records are the perfect way to get information about your family's past.

Marriage Records

One of the biggest reasons that marriage records are such a great source of information is because they have been around for such a long time. The ones we search for online in indexes and databases were created because they were the best way for the government to know for certain that a couple was married. Since they have been around for so long, they are one of the best ways to get information about your family. If, for instance, your family has a history in Connecticut, than Connecticut marriage records can be a huge help.

What would you find when you look at Connecticut marriage records? First, you'll find the bride and grooms' proper, full names. You'll also find information about their birth date and where they were born. This can be a huge help if you're trying to locate other family members and will give you a great place to start because Connecticut marriage records don't stop there. It should list occupations, prior marriages, place of residence before the wedding and other such information.

You'll also discover, if you look for Connecticut marriage records, that you can find out information about the marrying couples parents. The people who got married are required to put information about their parents onto the marriage license, meaning that you will get more and more information about those people and about their (your) family. This information can make it very easy to go back even further into your history. If you can find the parent's marriage records you'll know even more! Connecticut marriage records are a wonderful way to learn a great deal about your family's history, and the internet makes it all easy.

Connecticut State maintains marriage records which occurred from July 1, 1897 to today. For records prior to that date, contact the proper town or city of occurrence or the CT State Library Genealogy Guide.

How to Obtain a Connecticut Marriage Certificate:

The fee for a marriage certificate is $5.00. Additional fees may be required.

Information needed to locate a marriage record:

  • Groom's Full Name.
  • Bride's Full Maiden Name.
  • Date of Marriage.
  • Town where the Marriage took place.
  • Your relationship to these Individuals.
  • Photocopy of picture ID.

By Mail: Send the above info (Mail-In Application) and the appropriate fee to:

State of Connecticut
Department of Public Health
Vital Records Section
410 Capitol Avenue
P.O. Box 340308
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

For more information and to check the current status of fees call (860) 509-7897.

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