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Georgia Marriage Records

Georgia Marriage license applications are NOT open to the public until 75 years after the event . Under Georgia law, Marriage records are only available to the bride and groom shown on the marriage license during this closed period.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions about Georgia Marriage Records:

Q. When did Georgia start recording marriages?

Q. How do I verify a Georgian marriage record?

Q. Are there restrictions on getting copies of Georgia vital records?

Q. How is Georgia different than other states?

Q. How do I get married in Georgia

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About Georgia Marriage Records:

The early Georgia marriage record index starts 34 years before Georgia's statehood (Jan. 2, 1788). It is intended to be a guide to finding Georgia marriage records for your ancestors. All marriage records should be verified for accuracy. The cost and process associated with obtaining Georgia marriage certificates varies by county. Addresses and phone numbers are provided on the county pages for information on the exact process for obtaining copies of Georgia marriage records.

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Tips to Find Georgia Marriage Records Faster

When you're looking at your family history online, there are a number of records and pieces of information that you're likely to find.  Most of the records you'll find are things like birth certificates and death certificates, and these, along with census records, can help you to access a great deal of information about your family.

There are times when you may find that you can't find the records that you're looking for, and in these situations, you'll need a bit of help, or you'll need to look for marriage records.  Marriage records are a great way to find information about your family, as they can tell you not only about the couple who was married, but also about their families.  This information will give you all sorts of vital clues that can lead you on the path to completing your entire family tree.  Here are a few tips to make finding information, like Georgia marriage records, easier.

Names - Having names is extremely helpful, especially if they're full names.  Without full names, you may find that it takes considerably more time to find the kind of information that you want to find.  Think about it: while there are a large number of John Smith's, for instance, how many John Elmore Smith's are there? Likely, not very many.  That's a prime example of how full names assist in the location of genealogical information as you search Georgia marriage records.

Dates - One of the trickiest parts about finding information about your family members online is dates.  Dates can get very confusing, especially if you have family members with similar names or if you have family members who have divorced and remarried.  Keep a written log of dates for each person that you're researching to make things easier for you.  A calculator can be a huge help as well; keep one nearby.

Location - You may think that simply looking up Georgia marriage records will net you the information you want, but you're wrong.  Georgia is a large state, and if you don't narrow down the area where your family member probably got married, then you're likely to find yourself spending a great deal of time searching.  To avoid spending hours of research time looking for one marriage record, it is imperative that you try to narrow down the area where your family member was married.  As a tip, check the locations near where the bride was born, as brides often go home to get married.

Birth Certificates - Another great way to get access to Georgia marriage records is to look for birth certificates.  Birth certificates will give you the name of the child's parents in their entirety.  This means that you can easily put those names into your search engine, allowing for a much more productive outcome and a better shot of getting the marriage records that you're seeking.

Finding Georgia marriage records doesn't have to be hard.  If you take your time, stay organized, and know what you're looking for, you should be able to find them easily enough.