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Surprising Your Family With A Genealogy Thanks to Iowa Marriage Records

Do you like to give gifts that you know others are going to love? There are some people who simply give gifts and don't care how the recipient feels about the gift, but there are many who desire to give gifts that they know their friends and family will actually love.  If you're that type of person, you may eventually fall into the same problem that many do: you run out of ideas!

There are some people who are very difficult to buy presents for. Often it's because the person already has everything they could ever need, or because they are just the type of person that is hard to figure out. So what do you get for a person who is hard to purchase presents for? If it's a family member you can get them a family tree!

Making Family Trees

Do you have a family tree for your family? Shockingly, most people do not, either because they never had the money to hire someone to put one together, or because they aren't sure how to make one. Creating a family tree for members of your family is the ultimate way to help them remember their past and is a perfect gift for all sorts of family members, from cousins to grandparents.  How do you go about doing it?

You need to start the process by finding a website that allows you to make a free family tree online. Make sure it's one that you're comfortable with. Then pick a person in your family to start your research with. It's often easiest just to start with yourself and to work backwards. Start by adding your parents and any siblings, then your grandparents. If you're just creating the tree as a present for one side of the family, focus on that side.  Focusing on both sides at once can cause things to get very confusing.

Getting Stuck

Eventually, you'll likely find that you've gotten stuck in the genealogy. This happens even to seasoned experts, so don't get discouraged! One trick to helping you get past your slump is to look for marriage records. If your family is from Iowa, for instance, then you'll want to search for Iowa marriage records. Why marriage records?  Marriage records have a wealth of information on them. Iowa marriage records actually allow you to learn about the legal name of the couple, their birth date, and then it gives you information about the parents of the couple as well as where they were born. It even includes the mother's maiden name, which is usually all you'll need to get past your slump and to continue in the creation of your family tree. Imagine how surprised they will be when you present them with a framed copy of the family tree!


Iowa Marriage Records:

Adair County   Adair County IAGenWeb View website

  • Marriages in the Lyman - Hazeltine Family Bible source

Adams County   Adams County IAGenWeb View website

  • Births, Deaths and Marriages in the SHINKLE Bible source

Allamakee County   Allamakee County IAGenWeb View website

  • Allamakee County IAGenWeb Marriages source
    • 1849-1855 Marriages source
    • Allamakee Co. Marriage Register, Vol 3, Pg 10 source
    • Anniversary Announcements
    • Divorce Notices from Newspapers source
    • Iowa River Evangelical Lutheran Church Records source
    • Salem Evangelical & Reformed Church Records, Ludlow
    • St. Peter's United Church of Christ, New Albin source
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages in the BOTSFORD Family Bible source
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages in the DULL Family Bible source
  • Early Marriages, 1849-1860 source

Appanoose County  Appanoose County IAGenWeb View website

Appanoose County Courthouse
201 North 12th Street
Centerville, IA 52544

  • 1847-1850 Marriages source
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages in the HOBSON Family Bible source

Audubon County   Audubon County IAGenWeb View website

  • NIELSEN - JENSEN marriage, March 15, 1894 source

Benton County   Benton County IAGenWeb View website

  • Benton County IAGenWeb Marriage Page source
  • Marriages in the DEFOE Family Bible source
  • SKIFFINGTON - DONNELLY marriage, June 26, 1900 source

Black Hawk County   Black Hawk County IAGenWeb View website

Boone County   Boone County IAGenWeb View website

Other Records:

Bremer County   Bremer County IAGenWeb View website

Buchanan County   Buchanan County IAGenWeb View website

Buena Vista County   Buena Vista County IAGenWeb View website

Butler County   Butler County IAGenWeb View website

  • 1854-1856, First Recorded Marriages source
  • Butler County Marriages source

Calhoun County   Calhoun County IAGenWeb View website

Carroll County   Carroll County IAGenWeb View website

Cass County   Cass County IAGenWeb View website

Cedar County   Cedar County IAGenWeb View website

Cerro Gordo County   Cerro Gordo County IAGenWeb View website

  • Marriages, 1872-1880 source
  • Marriages, 1910-1912 source
  • Marriages in the CLARK Family Bible source
  • DOTY 50th Anniversary source

Cherokee County   Cherokee County IAGenWeb View website

  • Afton First Methodist Church Marriages source
  • Cherokee County IAGenWeb Marriage Page source
  • Cherokee County Iowa Marriages 1866-1880 source
  • 1878 Marriage License source
  • STIEF Surname Marriages source
  • BUGH Surname Marriages source

Chickasaw County   Chickasaw County IAGenWeb View website

Clarke County   Clarke County IAGenWeb View website

Clay County   Clay County IAGenWeb View website

  • Clay County IAGenWeb Marriages source
Clay County Clerk
215 West 4th Street
Spencer, IA 51301
(712) 262-4335
Clay County Recorder
300 West 4th Street
Spencer, IA 51301
(712) 262-1081

Clayton County   Clayton County IAGenWeb View website

  • Early Marriages source
  • Early Marriages #2. source
  • Marriage, Divorce & Anniversary Records source
  • Pre-1850 Marriages source

Clinton County   Clinton County IAGenWeb View website

Crawford County   Crawford County IAGenWeb View website

  • 1855-1865 Marriages source
  • Crawford County Marriage Register source
  • Marriage Announcements before 1946 source

Dallas County   Dallas County IAGenWeb View website

Iowa Marriages by County:

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