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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When did Illinois start recording marriages?
The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Division of Vital Records began collecting birth and death records in 1916. Birth records prior to 1916 were recorded only by county clerks. (Most Illinois counties did not begin recording births until 1877.) Marriage and divorce indexes maintained by IDPH date from 1962 through the current index date available. Marriage records are maintained by county clerks; divorce records are maintained by circuit court clerks.

Q. How do I verify an Illinois marriage record?
Certified copies of marriage records are issued by the county clerk in the county the marriage occurred. Addresses are listed on the county pages. Certified copies may also be obtained from:

IL State Vital Statistics Office
Division of Vital Records
605 W. Jefferson St.
Springfield, IL 62702-5097

(217) 782-6553
Fax: (217) 523-2648

Q. Are there restrictions on getting copies of Illinois vital records?
Genealogy researchers can gain access to uncertified copies of vital records if the following conditions apply:

  • Birth- the record must be 75 years old or older on the date of request
  • Death- The record must be 20 years old or older on the date of request
  • Marriage - available through the county clerks office in the county where the marriage took place
  • Divorce - available through the circuit court clerks office in the county where the divorce was finalized.

Most counties hold some records from before 1916 and indexes are available for viewing that provides relevant genealogical information. Research services and copy services may be available for a small fee.

Q. How is Illinois different than other states?
Illinois is the 5th most populous state in the nation and is comprised of such diversity in both peoples and habitats (from rural to industrial towns to major metro) and resources that it is considered by most to be the perfect bellwether for social study and politics.

Q. Getting Married in Illinois...
Legal age to marry in Illinois is 18. 16 or 17 year olds require sworn parental consent or a court order and proof of age. The sworn consent from each parent, each legal guardian or a judge must be brought in person before the county clerk at the time of application. The parents or guardians will need to provide identification like a driver's license, state identification card, Illinois Department of Public Aid card, or passport. If the parent is deceased, a death certificate or proof of guardianship, or a court order waiving consent will need to be shown. A legal guardian will also need to show a certified copy of the guardianship papers.

More facts about getting married in Illinois:

  • Persons under sixteen (16) years of age cannot get married in Illinois.
  • Common Law marriages are not recognized.
  • Marriage licenses are issued by the county that the ceremony is to take place in and there is a 24 hour waiting period between getting the license and getting married.
  • There is no residency requirement to get married in the state of Illinois.
  • Proof of divorce or dissolution must be shown where one or more party has a previous marriage.
  • No blood tests or premarital education is required.
  • Same sex couples cannot legally get married but thanks to the Civil Union law effective June 2011 same sex couples will have spousal rights.

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