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How to Obtain an Kansas Marriage Certificate:

KS State Vital Statistics Office

Office of Vital Statistics
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 120
Topeka, KS  66612-2221

     (Marriage licenses began being filed
with the state May 1, 1913. Pre-1940 records
may be requested by an individual related as at least a cousin. Post 1940 records must be requested by an immediate family member.)

How to order a Marriage certificate


Why Save Copies of Kansas Marriage Records?

How much “stuff” do you have sitting around your house? If you're like the average person, you have far more than you actually need.  Clutter plagues a large number of people, having too many things in one's home is an epidemic.  At the other end of the spectrum are those who simply throw everything they can away; those people often refuse to keep copies of things that they may need like, for instance, Kansas marriage records.  Why would you need to keep a copy of them?

Recently Married

If you are recently married, then you'll definitely want to keep a copy of your marriage record, because it's primary function is to prove that you're married.  That's actually the reason the use of marriage licenses and records began; the church wanted a way to prove that a couple was legally married.  This, of course, is long before the internet existed, and even before regular mail was something that you could rely upon.  Because of this, the church realized that anyone could say they were married and could be lying about their marital status.  Thus, marriage licenses were created.

It may seem kind of silly in today's digital world to save a copy of your marriage record, but in actuality it's very important.  After you've been married, in order for your bank  and other type of financial institution to change your account, you'll need to prove that you are indeed newly married.  Women who take their husband's last name will definitely need a copy of their Kansas marriage records, simply because they'll need to have it if they want to get a new license with their new last name on it.  Keeping a copy of new your marriage record is very important.

Older Records

Why, though, would you want to keep copies of Kansas marriage records of your family members who have passed on? When you're searching for your family's history online, you'll quickly discover a great deal of information, and some of that information can help you build a wonderful family tree that your entire family can have as a keepsake, but what about the records that help you to create the family tree in the first place?

Most websites you'll use will give you the option of seeing a digital copy of the record in question, such as the birth certificate of a relative or someone's Kansas marriage records.  If you see this digital copy, you can then save the copy into a folder on your computer.  If you do not choose to keep the record you may have a difficult time finding it later  online, and if you choose to keep the record you'll be saving something of your family's for your children, and your children's children, to be able to view at a later date.  Keeping Kansas marriage records doesn't have to be a burden, but can be a great way to preserve the past and to make the future wonderful.


Kansas Marriages by County:

Know the town, but not the County?

Allen County

Anderson County

Atchison County

Barber County

Barton County

Bourbon County

Brown County

Butler County

Chase County

Chautauqua County

Other Chautauqua Co. resources:

Cherokee County

Cheyenne County

Clark County

Clay County

Cloud County

Coffey County

Comanche County

Cowley County

Crawford County

Decatur County

Dickinson County

Doniphan County

Douglas County

Other Records:

Edwards County

Elk County

Ellis  County

Ellsworth County

Finney County

Ford County

Franklin County

Other Records:

Geary County

Gove County

Graham County

Grant County

Gray County

Greeley County

Greenwood County

Hamilton County

Harper County

Harvey County

Haskell County

Hodgeman County

Jackson County

Jefferson County

Jewell County

Johnson County

Other Records:

Kearny County

Kingman County

Kiowa County

Labette County

Lane County

Leavenworth  County

Other Records:

Lincoln County

Linn County

Logan County

Lyon County

Marion County

Marshall County

McPherson County

Meade County

Miami County

Mitchell County

Montgomery County

Morris County

Morton County

Nemaha County

Neosho County

Ness County

Norton County

Osage County

Osborne County

Ottawa County

Pawnee County

Phillips County   Phillips County KSGenWeb

Pottawatomie County

Pratt County

Rawlins County

Reno  County

Republic County

Rice County

Riley County

Other Records:

Rooks County

Rush County

Russell County

Saline County

Scott County

Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County Clerk's Office
525 N. Main,
Suite 211
Wichita, KS 67203

Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society

Other Records:

Seward County

Shawnee County

Sheridan County

Sherman County

Smith County

Stafford County

Stanton County

Stevens County

Sumner County

Thomas County

Trego County

Wabaunsee County

Wallace County

Washington County

Wichita County

Wilson County

Other Records:

Woodson County

Wyandotte  County

Other Records:

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