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Putting Together a Family Tree with Louisiana Marriage Records

In 2005, one of the worse natural disasters to happen in the United States in recent memory occurred: Hurricane Katrina. Katrina is recorded as the sixth strongest Atlantic hurricane; almost 2,000 people died from the hurricane and the resulting floods. Katrina also holds the record of being the most costly natural disaster with property damages estimated at over $81 billion. There was a great need for help immediately after the hurricane. In the wake of the devastation many were left wounded, homeless, alone, and afraid; thankfully most of the displaced people have since found a home for themselves and are moving on with their lives. What about their history?

Outside of death, one of the most difficult losses to comprehend, according to most of the displaced people, was the loss of all their personal possessions. While it's easy to replace something like a DVD player or a television, it is almost impossible to replace family heirlooms and photo albums. Many people lost things like family records and trees that had been built for their family that would be almost impossible to replace.

Rebuilding the Tree

If you know someone who has lost their family history due to the flood, now is the perfect time to create a family tree for them as Louisiana marriage records are now easier to obtain than ever before. Why would you need to have access to Louisiana marriage records to make a family tree? Marriage records actually hold a wealth of information in them, from the name of the people who got married, to the names of their parents, as well as birth dates for the ones who got married. This information can help you to get even more information for the person you're creating the tree for.

To start the tree, simply start with one person and work your way backwards. Now it is possible to take advantage of a large number of ancestry websites. These websites make it so much easier to locate old records. One of the good things about the digital age is that all of the records that you'll want to access may be available online. While there were some records destroyed during the hurricane, many of them survived or were put online beforehand..

There are many things that you can give someone who has survived Katrina, but one of the things that you can give them that would more than likely be worth more anything else, is the return of their history. While an updated family tree won't replace family heirlooms, it gives them a remembrance of their family members and a nostalgic bit of the past.  Even if cherished items are missing, a thoughtfully collected and beautifully presented family record can be a link to those cherished items.



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