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Massachusetts Resources:

MA State Vital Statistics Office

Registry of Vital Records and Statistics
150 Mount Vernon St., 1st Fl.
Dorchester, MA 02125-3105


(617) 740-2600

For records before 1841, contact the town clerk in town or city where event occurred.

For records after 1841 and
1911, contact:

Massachusetts Archives at Columbia Point
220 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125
(617) 727-2816

What to Do If Something Is Wrong With Your Massachusetts Marriage Record

On the day of your wedding ceremony, there are generally a lot of last minute details to take care of.  You not only have to make sure that everything is in order for yourself, but you have to make sure that all of the attendants are ready and set for the wedding as well.  The day can quickly become extremely hectic, especially if you are having a big or extravagant affair.  When this happens, there's a good chance that something will go wrong, but if it does, you shouldn't panic.  Just because something goes wrong doesn't mean that the entire day has been ruined.

What do you do if, after you've returned from your honeymoon and you are getting into the groove of your new life as a spouse, you realize that something is wrong with your marriage record? What if you notice that the date is incorrect on the record, or that your name is spelled incorrectly? Ideally, you should have noticed wrong entries on the marriage license before you used it at the wedding ceremony, but if you didn't what should you do? What will you do to fix your Massachusetts marriage record?

Time Period

Almost every state has a specified time period wherein you can fix any problems, like typographical errors or wrong information, without much fuss.  New parents are are commonly seen at the Vital Records office because a mistake on their child's birth certificate needs fixed.  It's not unheard of to have errors on death certificates, either.  As long as you act within the specified time period, you can fix your Massachusetts marriage record fairly easily by simply contacting the Vital Records office in your area.  Contact them and explain what information is wrong on the documents.  They will be able to help you to fix it.

After Time Period

What if you took an extended honeymoon and you didn't notice that there was a mistake on your marriage license until after the specified time period has elapsed? This has happened before, and the mistake is still fixable, but it will take a bit more work.  You'll have to contact the Vital Records Department, and you'll need to explain to them what the error is.  Explain the entire situation and ask what you must do to fix the problem.  In most instances, you will have to fill out a separate form.  In some circumstances, you may even be required to go to court in order to make sure the record is fixed properly.

If your Massachusetts marriage record is wrong, it is fixable; just make sure to contact the Vital Records office as quickly as you can after you notice the mistake.  Yes, you're still married as long as the person who performed the ceremony was legally allowed to do so, so do not worry about that.  You could leave the record incorrect and give future generations something to chuckle about, or you can take the time to fix it quite simply.







Barnstable County
Formed in 1685 from New Plymouth Colony. County Seat=Barnstable.

Other Records:

Berkshire County
Formed in 1761 from Hampshire county. County Seat=Pittsfield.

Other Records:

Bristol County
Formed in 1685 from New Plymouth Colony. County Seat=Taunton

Dukes County
Formed in 1683. County Seat=Edgartown.

Essex County
Formed in 1643. County Seat=Lawrence, Newburyport, Salem.

Franklin County
Formed in 1811 from Hampshire county. County Seat=Greenfield.

Hampden County
Formed in 1812 from Hampshire county. County Seat=Springfield.

Hampshire County
Formed in 1662 from Middlesex county. County Seat=Northampton.

Middlesex County
Formed in 1643. County Seat=Cambridge, Lowell.

Other Records:

Nantucket County
Formed in 1695. County Seat=Nantucket

Norfolk County
Formed in 1793 from Suffolk county. County Seat=Dedham.

Plymouth County
Formed in 1685 from New Plymouth Colony. County Seat=Plymouth.

Suffolk County
Formed in 1643. County Seat=Boston.

Worcester  County
Formed in 1731 from Suffolk and Middlesex counties. County Seat=Worcester.

Other Records:

Misc. / Statewide

Other Records:

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