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Anaconda to Yellowstone Statewide Marriages

Montana Resources:

MT State Vital Statistics Office

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and Human Services
Vital Records
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Helena, MT 59604


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Different Type of Montana Marriage Records

When you start digging into genealogy you'll learn that in the world of looking up ancestry information, marriage records are some of the most important documents you find.  Why are they so important, and what, exactly, can you find on marriage records? First, let's discuss what marriage records are.

Before 1200 AD, a couple was not required to have any sort of specific documentation to prove they were married.  If the couple wanted to get married, they simply did so.  The church, however, realized that it was impossible to accurately tell whether couples had been actually married without any documentation, so it instituted banns, a publicly read declaration that informed entire congregations for weeks before a marriage was to take place of the impending nuptials.  This practice was to ensure that the couple getting married was free to do so.  In the 1400's, marriage licenses were officially instituted.

Types of Records

There are three different types of marriage records.  First is a marriage license.  A marriage license is what needs to be obtained by a couple before being wed.  A wedding ceremony is not considered legal if there is not marriage license.  The license is returned to the clerk in the district or town where the marriage was performed for filing purposes.  If you're married in Montana, your Montana marriage license will need to be returned to the clerk in that Montana town or city after it is filled out during the wedding ceremony.

Next is a marriage register.  A marriage register is the recorded information taken from the completed license delivered to the clerk.  The register has simple information, including the name of the couple, the date and place where the marriage took place, and the name of the person who officiated the ceremony.

Third is the marriage certificate.  The marriage certificate is the physical piece of evidence the couple will have that proves that they were married.  This is what you'll find when you're looking for Montana marriage records.  These certificates have a lot of information, including the name of the couple's parents, the location and date of the wedding, and, of course, information about the new couple as well.

Finding What You Need

If you're searching for Montana marriage records to help you fill in your family tree, then you should definitely locate as many marriage records as possible because of the vast wealth of information available on them.  Many times people are able to fill in huge gaps that are missing from their ancestral tree simply from the information that they get on these records.  Keep in mind that it may be necessary to look for a few different names; if you can't find the record under one name you'll likely find it under another.

One last important note: remember that a marriage license is not the same as a Montana marriage record; when you're searching, you won't be looking for a marriage license, but rather marriage records.


Anaconda-Deer Lodge County

Beaverhead County

Other Records:

Big Horn County

Shaw, Irene - Anderson, George December 29, 1907

Blaine County

Billings Gazette Online Vitals

Broadwater County

Broadwater County Marriages

Carbon County

Chaffin, Edwin O. - Lewis, Alva, December 1903
Simpson Marriages

Carter County

Cascade County

Laurence, Robert E. - Largent, Ella, December 25, 1895
Jacques, Louis - Schoultz, Adeline R., December 1900

Chouteau County

Custer County

Daniels County

Dawson County

Dawson Co Montana Marriages 1882 - 1919

Deer Lodge County

Griffin, Julia E. - Cherry, Robert E., December 1903
Harold Buerman - Marie Haffey, April 3, 1938
Hill, Annie - Bills, John, August 1903
Patrick Francis Haffey -Dorothy Mary Munro, May 29, 1937

Fallon County


Fergus County

Peter A. Skelton & Ida Bechard, Nov 2, 1915
Washburn, J. B. - Cunningham, Kate, January 1, 1896

Flathead County

Deaths, Divorces, Marriages 1893-1899
Divorce Index; "The Daily Inter Lake"; Kalispell, MT; 01 Jan 2000 through 31 Dec 2000
Divorce Index; "The Daily Inter Lake"; Kalispell, MT; 01 Jan 2001 through 31 Dec 2001
Marriage Licenses and Divorces - "The Daily Inter Lake", Kalispell, MT:
     29 May 1998 - 30 December 1998
     1 Jan 1999 - 31 Dec 1999
Misc. Marriages, Kalispell, MT, 1890 TO 1996, Groom Index:
Marriage Licenses, 2000 "Daily Inter Lake"
Marriages 2000 "Daily Inter Lake", by Bride
Marriages 2000 "Daily Inter Lake", by Groom
Marriages 2001 "Daily Inter Lake", by Bride
Marriages 2001 "Daily Inter Lake", by Groom

Gallatin County

Brandenburg, Addie J. - Walrath, Andrew J. June 1900
Orton, Viola - Williams, Alvin E. October 16, 1907

Garfield County

Glacier County

Glacier Co MTGenWeb marriage page

Methodist Ministers serving the Blackfeet Reservation area, Glacier Countyy

Golden Valley County

Granite County

Hill County

Jefferson County

Judith Basin County

1911 Coughlin-Skelton Wedding

Lake County

Lewis and Clark County

Liberty County

Liberty County Marriage Applications

Lincoln County

Madison County

McCone County

Meagher County

Surname page

Mineral County

Surname Index

Missoula County

Other Records:

Musselshell County

Park County

Petroleum County

Phillips County

Pondera County

Glacier and Pondera Marriages

Powder River County

Powell County

Prairie County

Ravalli County


Other Records:

Richland County

Roosevelt County

Rosebud County

Sanders County

District Clerk of Court
1111 Main St./PO Box 519
Thompson Falls, MT 59873
(406) 827-6962


Sheridan County

Silver Bow County

Other Records:

Stillwater County

Stillwater County Vital Records from newspapers

Stillwater Bulletin 1894

Tri County News 1901

Tri County News 1902

Tri County News1903

Stillwater County Democrat 1914

Stillwater County Democrat 1915

Stillwater County Democrat 1916

Stillwater Enterprise, Absarokee 1928-30

Sweet Grass County

Sweet Grass County Weddings, 1895-1949. The database is located in the Montana GenWeb Archives

Abstraction/ transcription of vital records - birth, marriage, divorce, death

Big Timber Pioneer Marriages Aug. 1891-1892

Big Timber Pioneer 1893

Big Timber Pioneer 1894

Big Timber Pioneer 1895

Yellowstone Leader Sept. 1899-1900

Yellowstone Leader 1901

Yellowstone Leader 1902

Marriages in the Sweet Grass Archives

Teton County

Toole  County


Treasure County

Valley County

Valley County Gazette, July 1894 to December 1895

The Glasgow Record, March 1895 to October 1896

The Valley County Gazette, January to December 1896

The Valley County Gazette, January to December 1897

The Valley County Gazette, January to November 1898

The Valley County Gazette, January to December 1899

The North Montana Review, May through December 1899

Wheatland County

Wheatland County District Court Clerk
201 A Ave. NW, Harlowton, MT 59036
Phone (406) 632-4892


Yellowstone County

Craves, Nettie M. - Zimmerman, Joseph March 1896

Cunningham, Kate - Washburn, J. B. January 1, 1896

Goss, Ruth E. - Kennison, Will R. November 1908

Guid, Ella - Pickens, Samuel Jay 1908

Mills, Ella E. - Sanford, Fred I. December 31, 1895

Yellowstone County Marriages 1882-1887

Misc. / Statewide

Other Records:

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