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Same-Sex New Hampshire Marriage Records

While talk about equality for all is wonderful to hear, it's a lot more difficult to put into action. But change is coming, slowly but surely, and a handful of states have actually made equality something that is very important to them, and one of those states is New Hampshire. In fact almost all of the New England states have decided to make equality something that they care about, and same-sex marriages are now legal in many of them. That may be one reason why so many same-sex couples are flocking to the eastern seaboard - so that they can live in a world where equality is important.

But along with this important factor comes the mundane things, and if you're going to be married in New Hampshire, no matter if you're a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple, than you'll need to have access to your New Hampshire marriage records. But where can you find them, and are the same-sex marriage records the same as the traditional, heterosexual marriage records?

Where to Go

First thing's first; where do you go if you're trying to get a copy of your New Hampshire marriage records? The first place where you'd want to head is to the clerk's office. The state of New Hampshire is filled with many small towns, and while there are some larger cities, most people will find the records they're looking for tucked away in small town clerk's offices. This is where the license goes to be recorded, sent into the state, and turned into legal marriage records, and this is where you'll want to go, or who you'll want to contact, if you need to get a certified, legal copy of your New Hampshire marriage records.

Are They the Same?

While many same-sex couples travel to the few states that allow same-sex marriage in order to finally get married, one thing that some don't think about are getting a copy of their New Hampshire marriage records. But if you want everything legal you will definitely need a copy, and you'll be gratified to know that the marriage license for a same-sex couple is exactly the same as the marriage records for a heterosexual couple. Everything is the same, from needing information about both of the couples getting married to getting information about their parents.

One thing that will be interesting is how this affects history. One reason why many people currently look for New Hampshire marriage records is in order to fill in their family tree, and imagine what a surprise it may be to some people to look up information about their family tree a hundred years from now to discover that they had same-sex couples in their family tree. Fortunately it should be easy to distinguish just from the names of the couple that got married. New Hampshire is one of the few states legalizing same-sex marriage, and with any hope other states will find a need for same-sex marriage licenses soon as well!





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