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NJ Counties: Atlantic to Gloucester Hudson to Passaic
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New Jersey Genealogy Resources:

NJ State Vital Statistics Office


(609) 292-4087

New Jersey State Department
of Health and Senior Services
Vital Statistics Registration
P.O. Box 370
Trenton, NJ 08625-0370 


New Jersey State Department
Division of Archives and
Records Management
P.O. Box 307
Trenton, NJ 08625-0307

Is It Safe to Get New Jersey Marriage Records Online?

Remember the days when the worst thing that you had to deal with in your email mailbox was junk mail that you could simply throw away? Junk mail did nothing more than fill up your inbox. It didn't try to harm you and it didn't break anything, it just filled up the mailbox. Now, however, things are very different. The junk mail that you get in your computer's inbox is often filled with enough viruses to make any computer break down, no matter what brand.

This is the number one reason people are nervous about researching their family histories online. They worry that they will go onto a website and that they'll get some sort of virus from the site. While this is definitely a valid concern as the number of websites that do harbor viruses on them increases, there are places you can research without fearing harm to your computer. No one wants to think about seeing the “blue screen of death.”  Where can you safely look for New Jersey marriage records online? Where can you research without worrying that your computer will infested beyond repair?

Safe Spots

Are there supposed safe spots online where you can research your family history without having to worry that you're going to get some sort of horrible virus? Absolutely. The trick is in finding them. In order to do so, you should search online for a variety of websites that offer a service which will allow you to view New Jersey marriage records. A number of websites will pop up, and while many of them are safe, some will not be. How do you distinguish between the two?

One way is to search for information about that specific site. Use a website like Google and enter the name of the website along with a phrase such as “safety” or “safety issues.” You'll instantly find a number of sites that will tell you good things, and possibly bad things, about that website.

Another way to learn about whether a website is one you can trust or not is to contact the site directly. Any reputable website will be able to answer any questions that you may have either through the phone or through email. It is the websites that do not provide a quick response to your query that you should definitely look out for, as many of these sites are not trustworthy.

So are there sites where you can safely look for New Jersey marriage records online? Yes, there definitely are. In fact there are likely dozens of different sites you can use safely, so do not let your fear of a computer virus keep you from filling in your family tree. You'll easily be able to find at least one website that is completely safe to use and user-friendly.  Good luck finding the perfect (and safe) site for your research.


Atlantic County Marriage Records:

  • 1837-1880 Marriages -Compiled form county clerk records, this database contains around 5700 individuals and provides the names of bride and groom and marriage date -
  • Atlantic County Message Board -Free message board at RootsWeb for Atlantic County, NJ.

Atlantic County Clerk
5901 Main St.
Mays Landing, NJ 08330-1701

Bergen County Marriage Records:

Burlington County Marriage Records:

Camden County Marriage Records:

Other Records:

Camden County Clerk
Camden County Courthouse
Room 102
520 Market Street
Camden, New Jersey 08102
(856) 225-5300

Cape May County Marriage Records:

Cape May County Clerk
7 N. Main St. DN 109
P. O. Box 5000
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210-5000

Cumberland County Marriage Records:

Essex County Marriage Records:

Other Records:

Gloucester County Marriage Records:

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