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"Quickie" Las Vegas Wedding - Where Are Your Nevada Marriage Records?

Every day hundreds of people fly into Las Vegas looking for a little fun and maybe a little luck in this city of excitement. They spend hundreds of dollars in casinos and enjoy late night buffets filled with scrumptious food. Every day in Las Vegas over 300 people are married. Marriage is made easy in this city; blood tests are not required and neither is there a mandatory waiting period. You can fly into Vegas at 10 am and be married by noon, all for less than $100.

While this is something that is great for couples that are happily in love and are looking to spend the rest of their lives together, it is not so great for the ones who were married in Vegas on a whim and regret their hasty actions. For everyone - happily married and regretful mourners alike - it is important to understand where their Nevada marriage records are located and how to access them.

Where to Get Records

If you have gotten married in Las Vegas, you'll eventually need an official copy of your Nevada marriage record, but where do you go to get them? That is when you head to the records department of the Clark County Recorder,  500 S. Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas. Clark County is the county that Las Vegas is centered in, and is where all marriage licenses go once they have been filled out by the proper authority. This is the office you have to contact if you want a copy of your Nevada marriage records.

How to Get Them

If you need to get a copy of your Las Vegas marriage records you'll have to contact the Clark County Clerk's office directly. This can either be done through a phone call or through an online form. Either way you must pay a fee to get a registered copy of your Nevada marriage record, which you will need if you're going to change things like the name on your credit cards or the name on your bank account. If you're one of the few that has decided that you made a mistake getting married, you may need to get a copy of your Nevada marriage records in order to obtain a divorce.

While the entire city of Las Vegas is filled with grand, extravagant things, the Clark County Clerk's office is just like most city clerk's offices. They are the perfect place to turn to if you're looking to get an official copy of your marriage record. You can also contact them to get copies of marriage records for other family members that were married in Las Vegas. Just remember, while Elvis may have officiated your marriage, he won't be the one to get your record for you.

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To obtain copies of Nevada Marriage Certificates:

The Nevada State Office of Vital Statistics can verify Nevada marriage records from 1968 to the present. For copies of marriage certificates contact the County Recorder in the county where the marriage license was issued - see the NV County Pages. -->

Nevada State Office of Vital Statistics
Capitol Complex
505 East King Street #102
Carson City, NV 89710
(775) 684-4280

(Divorce records from 1862 to the present are kept by the County Clerk for each county.)

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