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Formed 1747 from Newport County. County Seat - Bristol
Formed 1750 from Providence County. County Seat - East Greenwich
Formed 1703 Original County. County Seat - Newport
Formed 1703 Original County. County Seat - Providence
Formed 1781 Original Name: Kings. County Seat - South Kingston

Population of Counties by Decennial Census: 1900 to 1990

Where to Find Old Rhode Island Marriage Records

All marriage records are considered public records.  This means they are recorded and maintained by whatever state the couple was married in.  One reason many like this legal requirement, is the records can be easily accessed and searched by anyone who desires to, including a potential partner or a curious potential in-law.  Another reason many like the public nature of documents like Rhode Island marriage records is that they are greatly beneficial for people who are researching their family history.

Our culture is fantastic at looking into the future.  With all sorts of new technological gadgets coming out every day, like iPads and BluRay players, the future is something we're very comfortable with.  But a lot of us don't look into the past very deeply, which may be a mistake on our part.  As they say, it is by knowing the past that we are able to affect change in the future.  That's why having a good, high quality family tree is a valuable resource.  But what type of information can you find on something like Rhode Island marriage records?


There is a great deal of information you can access on Rhode Island marriage records, starting with the full names of the bride and groom, including their middle and last names, which is perfect for filling in your family tree.  You'll also get their age, as no matter how old the records are the age of the couple is a necessity on the documentation.  For older records you'll be able to see the occupation of both the bride and the groom, which can be a great deal of fun for anyone who is researching their family's past.

You'll also discover what the marital status of the bride and groom was when they were married.  This piece of information has surprised some researchers, as they assumed their ancestor was single until they married only to find out that they were either widowed or, in rare cases, divorced.  Previous marital status is also helpful if you're filling out family trees, because then you know if you'll need to look for any loose ends or extra branches.

You'll also find the address of the bride and groom on older Rhode Island marriage records.  This information can lead to new research bases if you get stuck with your current thread.  There is a large amount of information available on Rhode Island marriage records.  Fortunately, most of it is accessible online, which means that you can search for the records in the comfort of your own home without having to pay any money, making learning about your family history very sensible and enjoyable.


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