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Tracking Down People with Tennessee Marriage Records

Have you ever watched a television show where they try to locate someone who has been missing for a long time? It can be wonderful to watch as a man who has been away from his family for twenty years is suddenly reunited with his loved ones on stage.  Most families have at least one family member who has decided to disappear, often because they want to, and after a lot of time has passed it can be wonderful to think about reuniting with this loved one, but how can you find them? You may be able to get some help from marriage records.

Marriage Records

Marriage records are considered to be public records, just as birth certificates and death certificates are.  This means that they are accessible by any member of the public, which basically means anyone who pays taxes has access to those records.  Marriage records hold a wealth of information in them, including not only the name of the bride and the groom, but also where they were living at the time of their nuptials, as well as the name of their parents and their location.

How They Can Help

Exactly how does obtaining marriage records help find someone? Let's say that your uncle Bob has been missing for a number of years and the last thing you knew was that he was living somewhere in Tennessee.  If this is what you know, then you can start searching the Tennessee state records for clues as to where your uncle has gone.  Look for Tennessee marriage records to begin with.  Why? Because a large percentage of people in the world get married at some point in their lives, even if they eventually get divorced.  If you can find Tennessee marriage records that show that your uncle Bob has gotten married, you'll have a great clue about how to find him.

Once you find those Tennessee marriage records you need to use the information that you've found.  For instance, the record will say who your uncle's bride is and will have her address.  That may be a great spot to start looking for your uncle.  You may still find the couple living in that home.  But what if the couple is no longer living there? Then you can move on to the information about the bride's parents.

On Tennessee marriage records you will find information about the bride's parents; this information could show you exactly where the couple is now.  Use the information about the bride's parents to contact them and explain who you are and who you're looking for.  Chances are pretty good that the bride's parents will know exactly where the couple is.  A bit of research will not only tell you where your missing relative is, but you may find, through researching Tennessee marriage records, that your uncle is not only married but may have children as well.


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