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Vermont Genealogy Resources:

VT State Vital Statistics Office

This office has records for the last 5 years:

Vermont Department of Health
Vital Records Section
P.O. Box 70
108 Cherry Street
Burlington, VT 05402
(802) 863-7275

Prior to the last 5 years use this address:

Vermont Public Records Division
Reference/Research Section
1078 U.S. Rt. 2 Middlesex
Montpelier, VT 05633-7601
(802) 828-3286


(802) 828-3286

Small Town Vermont Marriage Records

When you start looking for marriage records in most states, you simply have to go to one of the large cities nearest the venue where the wedding was held in order to gain access to the records. The state of Vermont, however, is one of the few states that has more small towns than it does large cities, and this means a huge difference for someone who is looking to get access to their Vermont marriage records. It means that instead of traveling to a large city to get records, you will have to deal with a small town clerk's office instead.

In Vermont, many of the small towns have what are known as town clerks. These town clerks take on the same functions as any city clerk: keeping track of records and making sure that the certain information is passed along to the state capital. Unlike dealing with a large city's clerk, dealing with a small town clerk can be frustrating for those who are used to clerks who have access to technology.  Many small town clerks in Vermont are behind the times; a comparatively large percentage of the state is still without access to high speed internet and or even cell service.

Getting Records

So what do you do if you're trying to get Vermont marriage records? That depends on what you need them for. If you got married in the state and you're trying to get your own Vermont marriage record, then you may need to contact the town clerk's office directly. To obtain a legal copy of a marriage certificate, only a person certified to do so can provide that for you. If, however, you simply want information about someone, say a family member, for example, who was married in the state, and you don't need a legal copy, then you can easily get an informational copy online. These are perfectly valid for genealogical research.

While the state of Vermont is tiny, and many parts of it are still extremely rural, it is a beautiful state and one where many people get married annually. There are even a large percentage of same-sex couples who travel to the state to get married. Fortunately, even though the state is fairly rural, it is possible to find Vermont marriage records online fairly easily. But remember that if you want a legal copy, you will have to visit the town clerk's office and pay a nominal fee for it.


Addison County   Addison County VTGenWeb
Formed 1785 from Rutland County.
County seat = Middlebury

Other Records:

Bennington County   Bennington County VTGenWeb
Formed 1779.
County Seat = Bennington

Other Records:

Caledonia County   Caledonia County VTGenWeb
Formed 1796 from Orange County.
County Seat = St. Johnsbury

Marriages in Newspaper Announcements:

Chittenden County   Chittenden County VTGenWeb
Formed 1787.
County Seat = Burlington

Other Records:

Essex County   Essex County VTGenWeb
Formed 1792. County Seat = Guildhall

Franklin County   Franklin County VTGenWeb
Formed 1792 from Chittenden County.
County Seat = St. Albans

Grand Isle County   Grand Isle County VTGenWeb
Formed 1802 from Franklin County.
County Seat = North Hero

Lamoille County   Lamoille County VTGenWeb
Formed 1835 from Chittenden, Franklin, and Orleans Counties.
County Seat = Hyde Park

Orange County   Orange County VTGenWeb
Formed 1781. Original County.
County Seat = Chelsea

Orleans County Orleans County VTGenWeb
Formed 1792. Original County.
County Seat = Newport

Rutland County   Rutland County VTGenWeb
Formed 1781.
County Seat = Rutland

Washington County   Washington County VTGenWeb
Formed 1810 from Addison, Orange, Caledonia, and Chittenden Counties.
County Seat = Montpelier

Windham County   Windham County VTGenWeb
Formed 1781 from Cumberland County.
County Seat = Newfane

Windsor County   Windsor County VTGenWeb
Formed 1781.
County Seat = Woodstock

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Other Records:

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