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Can You Find Celebrity Washington Marriage Records?

As a culture, Americans like to follow the lives of celebrities.  We find it to be a very enjoyable pastime, especially those of us who are stuck in cubicles all day and those of us who are unable to get out and experience the world.  Because of the constant attention of paparazzi, who follow celebrities with their cameras constantly trained on them, a person can learn more than they ever needed to know about celebrities from behind computer screens

Eventually, people wonder if there is more than just photos to see.  They'll begin to wonder about public records.  After all, in the United States, certain things are considered to be a matter of public record, including things like birth and death records.  Is it possible, then, to see marriage records of celebrities? For instance, if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, two of the hottest celebrities in the world, happened to get married in the state of Washington, would you be able to research Washington marriage records and view the record of these two very public personas?

Viewing Marriage Records

In order to change public records, access to a judicial edict is needed.  A judge must agree that you have the right to change the particular public record in question to suit your stated need.  However, you do not need a judicial edict to simply view public records.  The law states that any citizen of the United States can view any public records whenever they want.  If you want, therefore, to view your great-grandparents Washington marriage record, you are legally allowed to do so.

But what about celebrity marriage records? Celebrities tend to have a lot of influence and many of them seek privacy, so it may seem that you wouldn't be allowed to see celebrity Washington marriage records, right? But that's actually wrong.  As long as a celebrity couple gets married in the United States, their marriage records are completely viewable by anyone who wants to see them.  This is a primary source for a number of celebrity gossip sites.  Sites such as those assign people to monitor public records going into the county courthouses.  This is how, for instance, the gossip columns knew exactly when Brad Pitt adopted Angelina Jolie's oldest son, Maddox, and also how they knew when the other children were adopted as well.  Adoption records are public records.

If you're ever curious about celebrities, you too can look up their marriage records.  It can be an interesting way to pass some down time and can even be turned into a sort of game between you and your friends.  As long as you have access to these records online through a reliable website, you can view celebrity marriage records anytime you want.



















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